Bucket List

I have been able to photograph so many beautiful births already. I have seen a lot: home births, water births, induced births, and spontaneous births. Babies born in water, or on a birthing stool. Babies who needed some help from a vacuum pump or forceps (still used in some places), or who came into the world by c-section. It doesn’t matter how they arrive – the moment a baby arrives in the world is always beautiful. But still, I have some wishes – scenarios I hope to be able to capture one day.

To help fate a little 😉 I’ve made a bucket list. Who knows? Maybe it will help to bring these things along my path.

Here it is:

|| A (semi) lotus birth || CHECK! 04.01.2016

I would have liked to have had a semi-lotus birth with Liv. The placenta is so much a part of the baby, and such an important organ. A photo of the baby still attached to the placenta would be wonderful1 Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for me, because Liv was born by c-section. So now it’s on my wish list. 🙂 I’m sure it will be a beautiful photo!

|| Natural birth of twins || CHECK! 11.11.2016

In general, twins are born by c-section in the Netherlands, but I’d love a chance to see a set of twins born naturally.

|| Natural birth of a breech baby || CHECK! 11.11.2016

With breech births these days, c-sections are almost always recommended, and there are few women who ‘dare’ to try for a natural birth. I had a mam who desperately wanted to have a natural breech birth, but her baby also came late, and so she had a c-section too. I hope one day to see (and photograph) a natural breech birth.

|| Multiple birth (meer than 2) ||

Triplets, quadruplets… or even more?? I think it would be amazing to be there (and just hope that I don’t get the babies mixed up 😉 )

|| Birth outside the Netherlands ||

Anywhere in the world, but in this case Belgium doesn’t count. 😉 I think the most exciting would be to see a birth (or births) in a totally different culture, but I would be happy with a birth in France, for example. 🙂

|| Surrogate birth ||

I’m not sure how often this happens in the Netherlands. In America I see it with some regularity: the birth of a baby from a woman who is not the biological mother, but a ‘carrier’. I think it would be beautiful to capture this.

|| 2 fathers having a baby ||

Whether via adoption, or surrogacy. Or whatever method at all.

|| Adoption ||

It’s not actual childbirth (although it’s also a lot of hard work and a whole process), but it is 2 people becoming parents. I think it would be beautiful to capture this moment for a family.

|| En caul ||

If the water stays intact during labor, a baby can be born “en caul”. This means that a membrane covers the baby’s face and/ or body. Because mostly the water is broken during labor, or breaks naturally I haven’t yet had the opportunity to document this. I think it will be a special moment.

|| Completely in caul ||

It’s something that rarely happens, I just need to be lucky, but it would be so cool to document a baby that is still completely in his or her caul. Not even knowing it is born yet. Who knows I will be lucky one day!

|| Labor of a famous person ||

It’s not about showing off photos of a well-know person, I will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement, but it would be so nice to make birth photography more known for the general public. Most of the time you can share at least one photo of the baby. So singers, actors, presenters, writers, athletes: come on trough 😉

|| A birth in Oostende ||

It was my back-up plan if Liv would have breech; the hospital in Oostende. This hospital is specialized in water births. They even do twin deliveries and breech deliveries in bath. The most awesome thing is, that the birth pools are see through, so you can actually see what happens underwater.. and if you can see it…. exactly, you can photograph it! I would really love to!

|| A birth at a “strange” place ||

You sometimes see it on television, or read about in the newspaper; a woman giving birth on the highway, in her car, in front of the hospital… Of course I don’t wish this for anybody, since it’s never planned, but if it happens I like to be there.