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Fermont Fotografie

I – Marry Fermont- started Fermont Fotografie in 2011. In busy times I can hardly keep up with everything, because besides taking photos and post-processing them there is much more to keep a business running; updating the website and social media, administration, answering e-mails and so on. That’s why my boyfriend Denny ter Steege will help me in busy times. So it can happen that when you email me, he will answer you. This way I can keep doing what I love to do and what I’m good at: taking photos and capturing beautiful moments  ♥ !

We would like to introduce ourselves here 🙂

Marry Fermont

Marry voorstellen
Photos  1 and 3 by: Hanneke Meier  Photo 2 by: Laura Vlaanderen

I am:
Cheerful, spontaneous, methodical, sweet, an occasional nag (according to my boyfriend ;-)), caring, positive, sincere and always honest, persistent, enthusiastic, motivated, energetic, open-minded, straightforward, emotional.

Things that make me happy:
Liv! Sand between my toes. Muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast. The sun shining. Happy people. No queue at the checkout. Buying nice clothes on sale. Travelling. Children who are always so honestA clean and tidy hous (which is almost never)Visiting people who really don’t have anything and yet are so happy. Being in love. The scent of blossom in the spring. Desserts.  Babies.  Finding money that you forgot you had. Another stamp in my passport. A birth session. Receiving flowers. Going to the cinema with friends, preferably a delightful woman’s-drama with – of course – a happy ending. Even more sun and then preferably when I have time to enjoy it. Lying in bed with a hot water bottle at my feet (at least in the winter). Cakes at Honeypie or a Chai Latte at Expresszo. Waking up but not having to get up. New shoes. Reaching the top of a mountain having moved heaven and earth to get there. The view from this mountainCheeky monkeys in the wild (but not if they’re pulling stuff out of your hands)Telling stories about Cambodia to someone who actually really wants to hear about it. Clean windows (but only if I wasn’t the person that cleaned them). Games (but only if I win). A newborn baby that recognizes the voices of it’s parents and is trying to find themA nice loud song in the car.  Sitting on the couch in a knitted sweater in the middle of winter with hot chocolate with whipped cream and my love. Going to the dentist and having no cavities. Cycling with the wind in your back. That my HAPPY list is longer than my STUPID list (thankfully!).

Things that are stupid:
That the stupid list in LINDA is only ever done by famous peopleCancer. Not being allowed in the operating room during an emergency caesarean (as I’ve done it several times). Cleaning. Ignorant people who claim to know it all. Wrinkles. That there are still people dying of starvation. That there is so much wrong with our food nowadays. Rain when you are cyclingPeople who lie. That you have to pay for parking everywhere. Losing your travelling diary. Slipping when it has snowed. That those you love will not stay with you forever (and then especially my sweet mom who isn’t here anymore). People who think that having your own business is a given. Missing a birth. That I find so many things stupid.

Questions I get asked a lot:
How did you come up with the idea to become a birth photographer?
Photography used to be a hobby of mine for many years, mostly abroad because I worked as a tour guide in different places such as Turkey, Morocco and Asia. When I came back I started to study midwifery. The idea came to me during class. I could not understand why we use photography to capture all the beautiful moments in life, but not the birth of a child. When I started searching on Google it seemed there were no photographers in the Netherlands who specialized in birth photography. In America it is quite popular, so I decided to take the plunge and become the first in the Netherlands. In 2010 I started as a birth photographer and I haven’t regretted it since! In November 2012 I went to America to follow a workshop birth photography to see if there was more to learn. In the meantime I documented so many births and I also train other photographers to be a birthphotographer.

Do you often get called out of bed in the middle of the night?
Yes, unfortunately 🙂 Babies are almost always born at night! I’m never very happy at the moment they call me, but when I’m awake and I arrive on location, I enjoy it to the fullest! There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a baby.

Do you have children?
Yes! After a long road, my daugther Liv was born July 2014. About my wish to become a mother, my pregnancy and my life as a mother I keep up a blog: I’m also a bonus mom for Max and Bo the children of Denny.

Denny ter Steege

Denny voorstellen
Photos  1 and 2 by: Marry Fermont    Photo 3 by: Hanneke Meier                     

I am:
Denny, Marry her boyfriend and now and then I will help her in her business, like answering emails. Helpful, loyal, honest, stubborn (according to my girlfriend), critical and so much more…. 🙂

Things that make me happy or that I just like:
My girlfriend and my childeren Max, Bo and LivSummer. Having a drink and a bite to eat outside, in the sun with friends. Playing soccer.  A fresh sandwich with butter, peanut butter and cheese. A good movie.  When I finish a job. A hot shower in the winter and a slightly colder shower in the summer. Holiday. Having diner in a resaurant with a good atmosphere and good food. Fudge, mentos fruit, skittles. My familyCoffee latte and a cake. When my friends, family, my girlfriend or my children took the effort to do something nice for me. Music from my childhood. Realising when you are older that some musicsongs have the best lyrics, while you were singing totally different lyrics when you were young..

Things that don’t make me happy, really annoy me or that I simply think are stupid (being polite)
A nagging girlfriend and nagging children (while I’m writing this I do kind of like it). Starting a job like removing weed.. Insects. A spot on the (white) wall because I killed an insect. The arrogance of power. When somebody steps on my toes during soccer.  Lying. Spleeping in. My father who died suddenly on a very young age. People who will start asking me what the songs with great lyrics were/ are….,well, I (won’t) can’t give any examples. Selecting all the sentences for this part “About me” to make them BOLD, italics, and so on. That there are many things you can write down that does make me happy, but the list will be endless then, so it’s because of the endless list (this is also the case for situations that doesn’t make me happy; happens everyday when I look at the news).

Questions I get asked a lot:
1. What is it like to have a relationship with someone who is always on call?
That’s not always been easy, especially in the beginning. At a certain moment you’re both used to it and you keep it in mind when you make (private) appointments and then it’s no problem. Spontaneous (far away) days out are simply not possible when there are a number of births scheduled, nothing serious, but you both have to keep it in account and deal with it 🙂 ! As a partner you have to be flexibel too, it won’t be easy for the person on call if you have a hard time dealing with it. So it works both ways!

2. Does it ever drives you crazy, all this baby talk?
Story of my life… 🙂 ! When there are a number of (girl)friends together, it does sometimes drives me crazy and not only because they are talking about babies 😉 That is can be fun as well haha.