Workshop birth photography

Workshop birth photography

Everything you need to learn about birth photography!


1-on-1 workshop birth photography and coaching

So cool that you are considering learning more about this awesome business birth photography. I know like no one else how to build a business from nothing to a well established business. When I started in 2011 nobody in the Netherlands had ever heard for birth photgraphy. That has changed a lot these days and I’m very proud of that! In the last years I trained over 50 photographers and many of them have a full time job now as a birth photographer. To help people grow even further in this business I stopped doing workshops in groups and only focus on 1-on-1 workshops. 100% focus on you and what you want to learn.

Content workshop

You are the one that will decide the content! If you are just starting you might want to learn more about how to build a business. What website?; What do you have to arrange when you start?; Where do you start? etc. No problem, I’ll tell you! Would you like to know more about the interview with parents, what camera, what settings, then we will discuss this. You can cover a lot in one day! Together we can discuss the options for the hours you want to come. If you are already working as a birth photographer, we can take a look at your work and your workflow, to see how you can improve it. I can also take a look at your website or do a portfolio review. Would you rather talk about processing photos in Lightroom? Then we’ll do that. You name it! We can do the workshop like you want, custom made! The only rule I have: no secrets, you ask the questions and I’ll answer them!


The workshop will take place in my home city Middelburg, but I’m open for suggestions. You can also choose to follow the workshop from your home, then we’ll use Skype!


Online mentoring

  • You choose how many hours
  • From your own home using Skype
  • Discuss what you’d like
  • € 125,- per hour
Half a day

  • 4 uur by Skype
  • Location Middelburg
  • Discuss what you’d like
  • Including snacks and drinks
  • This workshop can be followed by Skype as well
  • € 450,-
  • € 350,-

In 2018 this workshop can only be followed online and for a special price due to our world trip. 

Whole day

  • 8 hours + 1 hour online mentoring
  • Location Middelburg
  • Discuss what you’d like
  • Including snacks, drinks and lunch
  • 1 hour online mentoring after the workshop within a year after the workshop
  • € 895,-
  • € 695,-

In 2018 this workshop can only be followed online and for a special price due to our world trip.  We will split this workshop in 2 workshops of 4 hours.

*Prices are excluded taxes.

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“Last weekend I followed the weekend workshop birth photography. I documented 5 births before I started the workshop, so I had some experience. It was a really motivating and inspiring weekend, packed with information, practical tips and experiences. All ins and outs of birth photography were discussed, from the interview, to practise, to marketing. This way you can start as birth photographer with all the knowledge and quality’s needed to make the best memory for parents. I can highly recommend a workshop!
Marjolein Witteveen


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