A (modern hippie) mom of Liv (2015) and together with Denny. I love life, healthy food, traveling and photography. I like to do exactly what I want, because you only live once, so you should make it count!

I started Fermont Fotografie in 2011 as the first birth photographer in the Netherlands. Since then I documented a lot births and taught many workshops birth photography. When Liv was born, I started to take things more slowly and after our trip around the world (2018-2019), I made the decision to stop working and be a fulltime stay at home mom. Ok and sometimes I’ll do a photo session 😉 If I have time I blog, but I’m also very busy with renovating our house. I have been working on it for the last 3 years and I have on more floor to do! I’m also turning our garden into an edible garden!

Cheerful. Spontaneous. Methodical. An occasional nag (according to my boyfriend ;-)). CaringPositive.  Sincere. Persistent. Enthousiastic. Motivatede.  Mama. Open-minded. Emotional.

Liv! Sand between my toes. Muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast. The sun shining. Happy people. Travelling. Children who are always so honestA clean and tidy house (I’m getting better)Visiting people who really don’t have anything and yet are so happy. Desserts. Another stamp in my passport. More sun and then preferably when I have time to enjoy it. Going to bed and snuggle with my the sweetest tiny heather in the world.  A Chai Latte at Expresszo. Reaching the top of a mountain having moved heaven and earth to get there. The view from this mountain. Cheeky monkeys in the wild (but not if they’re pulling stuff out of your hands). Clean windows (but only if I wasn’t the person that cleaned them). Games (but only if I win). A newborn baby that recognizes the voices of its parents and is trying to find themA nice loud song in the car.  A good series on Netflix. Going to the dentist and having no cavities. Cycling with the wind in your back. Liv who slept in and is making jokes. Food from our own garden.

Cancer. Racism. Cleaning. Wrinkles. Injustice. Arguing with Denny. That there are still people dying of starvation. That there is so much wrong with our food nowadays. Biking in the rain. People who lie. That you have to pay for parking everywhere. Losing your traveling diary. Slipping when it has snowed. That those you love will not stay with you forever (and then especially my sweet mom who isn’t here anymore). People who think that having your own business is a given. That people always judge others. Gossip. That you always have to fight if you don’t follow the crowd.