Maternity photography

The love is growing..
Being pregnant is a special time!


Maternity photography

Being a pregnant is a special time. In a short time your whole body changes, inside and out, but even emotionally a lot takes place. It is a special period that you sometimes forget to enjoy. You are confronted with many new things, you receive a lot of new information and of course you are excited about the birth of your baby. A maternity session allows you to take some time to enjoy this special phase. The fact that your body can grow a child is very special!

Maternity session

Maternity sessions take place in your home or at a beautiful location. Taking photos outside can be done in every season. This guarantees beautiful photos! Amongst blossoms in spring, with your bare feet in the sand in the summer, between the falling leaves in autumn or with a knitted sweater and hat in winter. Maternity sessions are mainly for you, but you can also involve your partner, other children, grandparents or friends.

The best time to take pictures of your pregnant belly is between 32 and 37 weeks.. This is in theory and it makes a difference whether it is your first baby or not. If you contact me, we discuss what the best time for you!


You can book a maternity session from € 290,- including photos. When you e-mail me I can send you the complete pricing list.

A lasting memory of a special time ♥

“When I see the photos, I really think being pregnant is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Thank you!”

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