First day babysitting

Yes! It’s finally time! Today I am babysitting my niece for the first time! I don’t know what I’ve looked forward to more: this day, or starting ICSI soon. She is exactly 3 months old today, and still like a little baby doll. I really want to wear her in a wrap, and my brother and Sarina are fine with that. They are very easy. I don’t even get any ‘user instructions’ with the baby. “You know what to do,” says Sarina. Hmmm… I hope so. I have lots of experience with births and newborns, but once they’re a bit bigger – then what?

First a  baby wearing consultant comes over to help me with tying the wrap. I don’t want to be responsible for having her fall out of it or something! While I practise with a doll, Jazlyn is sleeping peacefully. Just before the consultant leaves, Jazlyn wakes up and I can practise once with her. It goes perfectly, and she loves it!

I’m totally in my element!

Give me a baby like this too!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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