Who are we and why would you host us?

Hi! Thank you for taking a look at our page. We are constantly looking for hosts during our world trip and we would like to use this page to introduce ourselves. You’ll find a quick introduction, what to expect and testimonials from previous hosts.


On the 8th of December we will fly from Christchurch to Singapore and from there we are going overland to George Town, Penang Malaysia. We will do a house sit there between December 20th and January the 8th. Between the 10th and the 20th of December and after the 8th of January we are looking for hosts in Malaysia.

Who are we?
We are Marry (38), Denny (46) and Liv ( 3) from the Netherlands and we are taking a year long trip around the world. We have travelled through the US for 90 days and are in Canada at the moment. After Canada we will fly to New Zealand and then to Singapore. We are staying with local families as much as wel can.

Because we love meeting new people, hearing their stories, see how they live and for Liv it is a really nice way to meet other children (if there are any). We have been staying with many families already and it has been the highlight of this trip.

What can you expect?
We are easy going people and adapt easily to the situation. We will bring our own groceries and if there is an opportunity we will cook you diner. We just need a full size or queen size bed and we can sleep there with the 3 of us. We don’t need anything extra for Liv. In exchange of our stay you will receive a photo session worth $600 (NZD)

You will find a lot of testimonials if you scroll down 🙂

A video we made looking for hosts in Canada

A video introduction we made when looking for hosts in between Los Angeles and Denver:

If you have any questions you can email us at: marry@fermontfotografie.nl You can also watch more of our YouTube videos or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We love to meet you!


From our host in Hurricane:

AirBnB testimonials:

From our host in Vancouver:
“These 3! Such a wonderfull and relaxed familly to have around. We enjoyed the easy-going atmosphere, our girls really liked playing with cute little Liv and we just loved sharing stories and adventures. See you again new friends!”

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11 Responses to Who are we and why would you host us?

  • Megan Thomason

    Marry, Denny and Liv were a joy to have visit! We learned a lot about each other. They are very laidback and kind. They were so sweet to my children, and we really enjoyed the dinner they prepared for us. This was a great experience we would repeat again if they came back to Kansas!

  • Lacey Barberis

    They just left and we already miss them! We enjoyed chatting with Marry and Denny in the evenings. Little Liv is so sweet, my kids had a lot of fun playing with her. Marry is a great photographer and I will cherish our photos forever. Such a great experience.

  • JanMarie Weston

    We loved hosting Marry, Denny, and Liv. Hearing about their adventures as they drove across the US was inspiring. I wish we could have spent more time with them. Expand your horizons and learn more about the US and the Netherlands, host them in your home.

  • Susanne Ketelaar

    That was a very pleasant surprise. Denny, Marry and Liv stayed with us 2 weeks ago for a weekend. we did not know them before. Usually we hesitate inviting people into our home that we do not know. But Rob and I thought , lets just do it and see what happens. we had a blast,…..what a fun people. there was so much we have in common. So much to tell, so many fun stories. I could recommend people to try it out. they are fun,…and easy to host. And Liv??? she is just such a sweet girl……Anytime you 3, whenever you are in the neighbourhood,…..you have a place to stay.

  • Vicki Borah Bloom

    Marry, Denny and Liv were great guests. Very mellow, self-sufficient when I wasn’t available, and social and interesting when I was. Marry took some very nice portraits as well! Please come back anytime you are visiting the NYC area again.

  • Antoinnette Daniel

    We hosted this beautiful family, Marry, Denny and Liv for 3 nights mid June. We had no idea what to expect but they were so easy going, nice to talk to and even cooked us a great meal.
    Marry took pictures of my 4 children and a Family picture and they are just sooo beautiful. She is a great photographer! So if you are hesitating or not sure if you should host or not? I would just say you would be the lucky ones to have them as guests.

    Marry, Denny and Liv, Thanks again for the great weekend and we wish you safe travels and who knows when we’ll catch up again 😊

  • Becky

    Marry, Denny and Liv were a pleasure to host! They are so kind, easy-going, and interesting to talk to. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them over the couple of nights they spent with us. It was a wonderful experience all around!

  • Kathleen Duncan

    Hi Marry, Denny and Liv. We are in Nanaimo, BC and would love to host you if our dates align.we have a cruise planned from September 23-Oct 5. Instagram @mamakat86

  • Simmi

    We hosted Marry, Denny and Liv when they came to Victoria, BC. It was our first time hosting people unknown to us and we didn’t know what to expect. They stayed for 3 nights and the experience was a delight. They are nice, easy to talk to and super interesting. They were respectful of the space, cooked a delicious dinner for us with groceries they purchased and took the most stunning photos of our family. They also offered up some great travel advice for our trip to Europe next year.  Liv even took our daughter to school and sat in her desk.

    Hoping that we can catch you in the Netherlands if we make it that way next summer. Thanks so much for everything!👍

    Simmi, Mike, Naiya & 🐩

  • Henk & Enny

    In August we hosted Denny, Marry & 3 year old Liv for a few days while they were touring Canada. A Dutch friend in Ontario told me about those people, because she also was planning on hosting them. We usually don’t invite ‘strangers’, so I researched this website and soon it felt like we already knew them. My instinct told me that if you allow someone to capture the privacy of welcoming a new child into your family, she must be a nice lady :). I started to chat with Marry and by the time they first came to our house they weren’t strangers anymore :). Together with our 3 year old granddaughter (who was staying with us when her family was moving) we were looking forward to have Liv and her family here. From the first second we met them it felt comfortable to have them in our house, they are so easy going! Liv and our granddaughter were best friends right away! Because of the smoke in the Rocky Mountain area they visited us again a few weeks later. We loved listening to their stories, spending time together, the meals they cooked for us and the pictures Marry took of our grandkids! If you get a chance to host this family, you won’t regret it! Come back any time Denny, Marry & Liv <3

  • Rieneke

    We hosted Marry, Denny and Liv for a few days. They are lovely people, even made us dinner. Very respectful and left the room clean and tidy. They’re always welcome again 🙂

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