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When Liv was 2,5 years old we made a trip around the world, staying at a lot of different families in exchange of a photoshooot. We used this page to introduce ourselves.

At the moment we are back in the Netherlands at we are planning a trip to Paris in October this year. Our daughter Liv watched Ballerina on Netflix and fell in love with Paris. She has been asking for 2 years to go, but because of covid we haven’t had the chance.

If you consider hosting us  you like to host us for a couple of days in exchange of a photo session: please continue reading!

You’ll find a quick introduction, what to expect and testimonials from previous hosts.

Who are we?
We are Marry (43), Denny (50) and Liv ( 7) from the Netherlands. In 2018-2019 we made a trip around the world and we stayed with local families in the U.S, Canada, New-Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia as much as we could. I (Marry) speak a little French and Denny and Liv mainly English.

This is a recent photo of us (dressed up because we were going out for dinner). More recent photos can be found on our Instagram page.

We have a schoolholiday from October 22th till October 30th and thought to spend about 4 nights in Paris. On Liv’s buckelist is climbing the Eifeltower and attending a balletshow in l’Opera. We are flexibel when in this week. Of course we need some time to take photos and if you like: cook you a meal!

Because we love meeting new people, hearing their stories, see how they live and for Liv it is a really nice way to meet other children (if there are any). We have been staying with many families already and it has been the highlight of each trip.

What can you expect?
We are easy going people and adapt easily to the situation. We will bring our own groceries and if there is an opportunity we will cook you diner. We just need a full size or queen size bed or 2 single beds and we can sleep there with the 3 of us. We don’t need anything extra for Liv. In exchange of our stay you will receive a photo session worth € 290,-

You will find a lot of testimonials if you scroll down 🙂

A video we made looking for hosts in Canada

A video introduction we made when looking for hosts in between Los Angeles and Denver:

If you have any questions you can email us at: You can also watch more of our YouTube videos or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We love to meet you!


From our host in Hurricane:

AirBnB testimonials:

From our host in Vancouver:
“These 3! Such a wonderfull and relaxed familly to have around. We enjoyed the easy-going atmosphere, our girls really liked playing with cute little Liv and we just loved sharing stories and adventures. See you again new friends!”

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