Our sixth week – from Grand Junction to Dodge City

After our fifth week where we went from one high light to the other, we now have some more time to rest.  The week did start spectacular with a visit to Colorado Grand Monument where Denny took an awesome photo of me and Liv that you’ll find in the video below and in the photo collection at the bottom of this blog.

Because we want to be in West Virginia the 24th of April (where I lived a year in 1996-1997) we are slowly making our way in the right direction. That means going through Kansas. Every American that we talked to said literally: “There is nothing to see in Kansas but corn and it’s flat”.

Clearly those Americans have never been in the Netherlands because then they would know Kansas is not flat 🙂 And that there is nothing more to see but corn, is also not correct, because it’s not the season. We haven’t seen any corn haha. We do understand what the mean, you are not going from one high light to another, but this has its charme as well.

The first night in Kansas, we stayed in an AirBnB. A house which was over 100 years old in “a village” with 160 people. (We’ve seen 10 of them haha). It was a whole experience and the weather went well with it. It was suddenly -10 degrees (28F) and so we froze. We just walked to the local eatery (the only place in a radius of 30 miles (48km), which was very nice, but not good 😉 and we’ve chilled in our house. There was so much to see in the house. Denny dressed up like a cowboy with the stuff we found in the hall way.

It is much nicer her on the way, without Americans that keep passing you from the right side (why?!). And there is something to see, like the Monument Rocks. A series of large chalk formation, estimated to have been formed 80 million years ago. Dodge City, where we are now, is not that nice, but hey, we are traveling for a year, so that doesn’t matter 😉

We will stay about 4 more days in Kansas before we will continu our journey through other states. We will see what Kansas has more to offer. For sure two nice host families! Liv is looking forward to them, because in both families they have 3 children. Yay!

We are also glad that we will stay in this time zone for a while, because in the last 10 days we have changed our clocks 4 times! Something with states that don’t work with daylight saving. First time we passed a time zone by car, was weird haha.

Anway we will continue to enjoy “nothing but corn in a flat Kansas”.

See you next week!

PS. It’s a mix from Nikon, Olympus and Iphone photos 🙂