The fifth week – from Las Vegas to Grand Junction

Wow what a week! This week was fantastic! Not only because we had nothing but sun (so good!), but especially because we did and see, incredible things. Cities are nice to visit, but I rather go into the nature!

Due to budget and timing (next time, yes we are already talking about this haha, we will use our 90 days just to travel in the West of the U.S.), we had to make choices concerning the national parks. I have no idea what we missed, but what we saw was more than amazing.

We’ve also found a host family in Hurricane last minute and they were a blessing. Such a loving family, with lots of children and toys, delicious food and good conversations. We immediately decided to stay an extra night there. They are going to the Mormon church and it was really interesting to learn about this religion. We used part of the prayer in this week’s video. Liv knows now how to pray and participates well 😉

Because of all the highlights this week, the video is a bit longer than the rest. Next week I try to make a shorter version again 😉 At the end of this blog you’ll find all the photos of this week.

After our stay in Vegas, we went to Hurricane. We wanted to go sightseeing that afternoon, but Liv was playing so nicely and we could help with diner, so we decided to stay. There was so much more to do in the area, than that we knew off (which is not a surprise, since we don’t have a travel guide and we like to just go somewhere and decided then). We came for Zion National Park, but that same night we heard about all other awesome options. We chose to go to Kanarraville Falls, which is a favorite among the locals and usually that is a good sign. Well, it was! It was AWESOME! (One of the reasons our video is so long). We had no idea what we got ourselves into and we forgot our food and drinks in the car (really stupid), but luckily it was not warm so we didn’t really need water. It was a lot of climbing and balancing on rocks and the last part you had to go through a Canyon, through the water. This last part was utterly amazing. A small piece of paradise on earth, without having to share with loads of other people. Liv enjoyed it so much and so did we. With soaked feet (my waterproof shoes are everything except waterproof) and feeling hungry we returned to the car 4 hours later and we are still talking about it.

Besides Kanarraville falls we went to Zion National Park (where Liv hiked up herself), I did a stunning maternity session in Sand Hollow State Park (I will write a separate blog about this session), we visited Monument Valley (which was lovely, but no need going in), we went into the Lower Antelope Canyon (which was so pretty it was bizarre, but because you can only go in with a tourguide and you have to share it with hundreds of other people, it was not the same feeling as Kanarraville Falls. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit this canyon, because you have to! On Instagram our Antelope Canyon photo got the most likes so far, so we shared a lot more in this blog) and we went to Arches National Park (also beautiful!). Denny went running in many of these places and made some awesome “running selfies”.

The last day of our 5th week we just relaxed. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day and we just enjoyed it. We went to the playground, ate ice cream and walked around downtown Grand Junction (without a camera), which was full of arty stuff.

And to top of this day, our AirBnB host watched our video (the one looking for hosts), and without saying anything to us, she transferred our money from the nights at her AirBnB, back to us! How SWEET is that?!? We just meet the most wonderful people, and I’ve said it 20 times already, but I can highly recommend everyone to travel like this. We want to do this all the time from now on.

P.S. We’ve found hosts till Denver. We are now looking in KANSAS. It’s like nobody is living there?! We are specifically looking in West and Central Kansas, in East Kansas we got a couple of addresses. Do you know anybody in Kansas, could you share our video with them?