De fourth week – from Santa Cruz to Las Vegas

We often get asked where we are going exactly and when, but we kind a making our plan as we go. In depends on where we can find hosts and it depends on the weather. This week (so actually when I’m writing this, last week) we had a lot of rain. A lot!

It was so bad that Denny his phone got an alarm. We just arrived in Santa Barbara and we were looking at the kitchen when an alarm went off. Denny was looking to see where it came from, and I said: “it is your back pocket.” It was an emergency notice on his phone saying: “immediate evacuation”. What?!?! At this moment the weather was still beautiful and when we tried to open the message, it disappeared. Luckily we had a downstairs neighbor, so I went to ask him if we had to do anything. He told us the message was for all the people that lived in a village a few miles up the road.

Maybe you’ve seen it on the news a few months ago: the mud streams of California. Since they predicted heavy weather again, the evacuated the village just in case. And the weather forecast was right, it was heavy weather. At least if you talk about the amount of rain (no wind). When we drove from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles it was pouring down and on different places you saw the mud going into the sea. Luckily for us, we were safe (at least that was what it felt like) and we arrived safely in Los Angeles (Santa Monica).

We initially hadn’t planned to go to LA, but our host in Costa Mesa cancelled because she had visitors and then we found this address last minute (thanks to our wonderful hosts from Santa Cruz). So we were very happy! We haven’t seen a lot of LA, because the day after was as bad as the day before. Lots of rain again. We tried to find the famous Hollywood letters, but that was really hard since the mountain they are on was completely in the clouds and you couldn’t see a thing.

When we finally found them and we actually saw the letters and we decided to go towards to Vegas, with a stop in between.

Right at the moment I was totally fed up with the rain, we couldn’t see a thing in the mountains and there was fog everywhere, we crossed the mountain and then there was sun! It has stayed ever since, and although it is not really warm yet, we are enjoying this so much!

We will have to come back to see what Los Angeles looks like with clear blue skies 😉

Newberry Springs (our in between Vegas stop), was a fantastic experience (tip: Desert Willow the airBnB) and Las Vegas was a special experience. We would recommend everyone to stay at The Strip if you can. We were in an AirBnb in Las Vegas, but “Las Vegas” is a pretty broad concept. Because of all the traffic and streetlights, it would take us at least 30 minutes to get somewhere and most of the time, this time was doubled. Besides this we found out that a hotel on The Strip would have been cheaper that the AirBnB we were in and with the difference we could have gone out for diner. So that kind of sucked…

But I can’t complain 🙂

In this blog a few highlights of this week and above our weekly video. A little bit less variation because of all the rain this time.

PS it’s a mix of phone and camera photos.
PS 2. Denny is running a lot and he makes the best running selfies. If you are not following him yet on Instagram. Do it 🙂