Coffee, tea and playgrounds | from Dodge City to St. Louis

Since we left Denver our goal was to go to West-Virgina. Of course we could have chosen to drive there “at once”, by driving as much as we could every day, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. So instead we’ve chosen to stay everywhere 2 nights, so we have at least one day for sight seeing. Besides that, we don’t want to drive more than 4 hours a day. For that matter, we found our rhythm. Liv got used to driving and we are not thinking twice about it. We make at least one stop one the way and most of the time, if the weather allows it, we go to a little playground. Besides that, we are never in a hurry to leave. We take our time so it’s relaxed and we are not stressed. A normal traveling day means leaving around 10AM and arriving around 4PM if we have to travel for 4 hours. Sounds perfect, right?

Here is our week in a video:

This last week hasn’t been as spectacular in means of mountain views, awesome photos or hikes, but it has be fun! A big part of the week we stayed with local families, all Mormons. We learned a lot from these stays and we experienced how close and loving these families are. The first Mormon family hooked us up with the second and so on. They all help each other (and us), it was special to see and be part of it for a short time.

Last week we mainly traveled from one city to the next and American city’s don’t have cosy downtowns like the Dutch cities have. If you like to do something fun in a city then it’s a museum (which Liv doesn’t usally like and to be honest, I don’t either) or having lunch or a drink somewhere. Most of these think cost (a lot) of money and since we are on a budget a lot of options aren’t a option for us and like I said: just strolling around the city center isn’t as fun as in any European country. That’s why we did mostly stuff Liv likes this week and if she is happy, we are happy 😉

Liv has been so sweet this past week, that we are almost waiting for the next “toddler tantrum”. She sleeps well (better than she has ever done!), she is really sweet to other children and pets, feels comfortable the minute we walk into a house and so enthusiastic. She can also look out the window to yell: “wwwwwwwooow, beautiful!” hahaha. Too bad she didn’t feel well at the end of the week, because except for the Zoo, we haven’t seen anything of St. Louis (and this was a city with a nice city center! Well you can’t have it all, all the time 😉 )

So long story short, it might seem less spectacular, but we are enjoying it nevertheless. 🙂