Did you immediately have a name for your baby? For a boy or a girl?

One of Denny’s good friends, Egon, mentioned a girl’s name last summer which both really liked straight away. Ever since then we used the name jokingly to refer to our (then non-existent) baby. I had two other girl names, which Denny also liked, and so, even before we knew what we were having we had 3 girl’s names, and no boy name. So it’s really handy that it’s a girl. 😉

A name is so personal. What one person loves, another person can’t stand, and vice versa. That was very clear when I got hold of list of the most bizarre baby names of 2013. I often look at it, and can amuse myself for ages reading names like Juëquinaisheley or Khy-tyshaintel. Say what?!? (my apologies if I’m now making jokes about your baby’s name…) Those are fun when your child has to learn to write their name, haha. If you haven’t seen the 2013 list, then you should take a look here and have some fun: It’s also always a great talking point at parties, haha. There’s now also a list for 2014: One of my 2014 favourites is Ghëarmiangelijanno. That one really twists the tongue!

When I look through the lists, it strikes me that some parents will do anything to make their name ‘original’, and then end up with something nobody can read, or spell, or pronounce. Why call your child Muizz (mouse, but spelled with double zz instead of s)? Or Tezza? Is it because there are already so many Tessas? There’s a reason there are so many Tessas, I reckon. (My apologies once again if you child is called Muizz, or Tezza, but if you are reading this then I am genuinely very curious as to your reasons).

But to get back to our own baby name… We would like a name that fits with Max and Bo and should preferably be pronounced as it is written (although there will always be people who don’t get it), and it should fit with the last name Ter Steege. It would be nice if it has a beautiful meaning, and if it’s a name, which is easily understood overseas, that would be handy. We don’t mind if it’s a popular name, because I’d rather have that than something nobody understands. The names we have now are short and simple, and one is sweeter than the others, so we’ll probably make our final decision once our little girl has arrived.

If you suggest a name and we end up using it for our little girl (or you guess one of the names we already have in mind, and we end up using it), you can win a €50 gift voucher for Fermont Fotografie. If there are multiple people who guess the name we end up giving, then we’ll randomly choose a winner from those people. Of course, we’ll only know in the summer who the winner is! 😉

Good luck with the guessing, and the suggestions!

We’d also like to hear what your children are called, and why, so let us know!

Marry & Denny

Ps. Of course also the winner of the 12 cupcakes from Zoet Goed Taarten from the last blog. The winner is: Melanie Wisse! Congratulations Melanie. Please contact me about your price:

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