The Birth Announcement Card

What I’m going to say now may be considered very shocking by some, but we discussed not sending a birth announcement card at all, and only making the birth known via internet. There is so much choice, and you can make it anything you want it to be (and as expensive or inexpensive as you want). It’s a bit like the nursery furniture: you can only spend your money once. Some people rather spend the money on gorgeous nursery furniture, others on a fancy travel system, and yet others on the birth announcement. And some just do it all. 🙂

In the end, because we are planning to have a meet the baby party, and because not everybody has Facebook (like my 91 year old granny), we decided that we will send a birth announcement card (and maybe also because I, as a birth photographer, really do have to have a card with a photo of my baby on it 😉 ) but where will we order it?

We wanted a website where you could choose from various styles, where you change some details like font, photo and colours, where you can choose from different types of paper, not too expensive (there’s that Zeeuws blood coming out again), and as easy as possible. We quickly ended up at Hippe Geboortekaartjes. Along with their main site, they also have a baby blog, and they’ve posted about my work in the past. They also shared a blog about the video we made announcing that we were having a baby.

They work together with various designers, and I told Denny, “If we can’t find something here, then we’re not going to find anything at all!” So we made an account, and we each chose our favourite card. It’s easy to search based on style, sex of the baby, or theme. There were 2 cards we both really liked. Simple, with a photo, one-sided: perfect! We ordered 2 samples to compare paper types, and we were done. 🙂

We’re happy, and my granny will be too.

Did you send a birth announcement card (I’ve never actually heard of anyone [in the Netherlands] not sending one)? And how did you make your choice?