Lise | Birth Photography – Fresh First Hours


Carola knew, after she had seen many pictures that I made, that she really wanted photos right after she had given birth. She wanted to document it all; their little baby , the first moments together and everything that happens right after you have given birth . She emailed me when she was 18 weeks pregnant for a ” Fresh First Hours” session.

Weeks later  she came with her husband André to meet. Carola was very excited, but André didn’t find it necessary to do this photo session . He was afraid that he would not be at ease , that he would  have to pose and, something I hear quite often, that there would be a stranger at the birth. In the end I’m one of the few people there that’s not a stranger, but this is what many people feel like.

I find it difficult to convince people to choose for birth photography, because it is important that you feel at ease at the delivery and that you do not have to worry about other things . The only thing I can say at this point, is that I often hear that people afterwards  regret when they chose not to have a birth photographer there and that if they did have one, they have hardly noticed that the photographer was there and the pictures are priceless. André was not convinced after we met, but because it was so important to Carola he agreed to do it

Last Sunday, at 38 weeks, André sent me that labor had kicked in. It actually went very smoothly and at the end of the afternoon I got a phone call that Carola could start pushing and I was on my way to Goes . I waited until I heard the baby cry and then I started taking photos . Personally, I always find it a little difficult when you know that one of the two actually is not fond of you being there , but Andre did not notice me at all. He was totally in love with his beautiful girl, Lise <3

I made great pictures and after I had sent the preview I got an email from Carola saying: ” Wowwww ! What a great photos ! I’m super happy. Thank you so far! André is also really excited! He even said  “This is so cool , who else has photos like this?!”

This is why I do this job. See for yourself < 3



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