Little Maxwell Fresh First Hours | Birth photography Vlissingen

Geboortefotografie Vlissingen

Tamara contacted me for the first time in 2011 to ask me if I wanted to take photos of her first child right after he would be born. Of course this was possible and the idea of the “Freshly First Hours” was born. So I was there, when Lennox – her eldest- was just seconds old and when she was expecting her second she contacted me again.

Lennox was two weeks overdue and the midwife expected that this would happen again with this baby. And of course she was right, but this time Tamara didn’t have to wait too long after her due date. Three days after, she went into labor and just like the birth of Lennox, this birth went also smoothly.

I’m already in the hallway when I hear that Tamara is pushing (it’s soooo difficult to wait and just listen). With my ear pressed against the door, I wait until I hear a baby cry. (It must have looked weird to see someone with two huge cameras completely squished against the door.) At one moment, when the midwife opens the door to see if I am already there, I almost tumble into the room. Lol.

When I finally hear the baby crying, I enter the room and immediately I have a déjà vu. The only difference is that Lennox was born in Goes and that we are in Vlissingen right now, but the rest is the same. Adhemar, the dad, with a big grin on his face, a happy, relieved mom and a baby that looks so much like his brother when he was born! They proudly tell me that his name is Maxwell. ♥

I photograph the first moments, cutting the umbilical cord (they first have the chance to feel what an umbilical cord actually feels like , because they forgot to do this with Lennox ), the first breastfeeding photo (Maxwell immediately understands how to do it!) , the check-ups and also the first moment that Lennox sees his brother (Tamara goes into the hallway to greet her family herself!), whom he calls ” Mekkel – baby “. When Lennox is playing, the whole family admires his little newborn brother.

A bottle of champagne is brought to celebrate. Cheers to your beautiful baby Tamara and Adhemar! Enjoy it!

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And this is the proof how much they look like each other!
On the left Lennox and on the right Maxwell. Lennox was this a little more wrinkled 😀

Cuties! ♥