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After seeing some of my sessions, Petra and Bojan chose a Fresh-First-Hours session combined (a photo shoot directly after birth) with a newborn session. The due date was the 29th of January 2014.

I receive a text message from Petra on January 25th that her water broke the night before. Now and then see can feel a contraction, but they’re not really regular or strong. The rest of day I don’t hear from them and in the evening she lets me know that it’s still quiet. If nothing will happen over night, they will meet the gynaecologist on Sunday morning to see what to do.

Sunday morning I receive another text message that the contractions have started, but when I look closely to the message I see it’s not a text from Petra, but another birth has started (also a Fresh-First-Hours)! Both are in Zeeland (the province where I live), so I think everything will work out fine.. I hope!

At 11 a.m. it’s Petra who texts me to say she is 2cm dilated and that they will induce her. My other client is at 4cm at the moment, so we will see how the day will go.

In the end it takes a longer time to get contractions started with Petra and my other client is going to the hospital in Goes as well, where she get a room right across the hall from Petra!! When I arrive in Goes for this birth and I’m waiting in the hallway till I hear the baby cry, I find out! So before I go in with my other clients, I go and say hi to Bojan and Petra. Everything goes well, but the contractions are still not very strong. I promise I will come and say goodbye once I’ll finish with the other birth. In the end this is not necessary, because Petra is pushing in exact the same moment as I finish the session across the hallway! I’m in luck: I come in and there she is: a girl! Bojan caught her and is standing there with his “dirty” hands with a grin from ear to ear.

So crazy that they timed it so well! This is working efficiently 🙂 The girl receives the name of Lana and I make beautiful photos of her, her proud parents and her proud grandparents!

After more than a week I come back for the newborn photos. She changed already so much, sweet little Lana <3

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Lana 9 dagen oud
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