Geboortefotografie Zeeland

I met Carola this summer at a maternity fair organized by the KOW (Childcare Walcheren). Soon after the fair she contacted me. She really wanted a Fresh First Hours session. This is a session that will start in the first hour your baby is born. Persijn, her boyfriend, was not sure whether he wanted this, he preferred a newborn session. They came together to meet me and to look at some photos and that’s were Persijn changed his mind.

If you choose a Fresh First Hour session I will start driving as soon as you are fully dilated. Because I only do these session within an hour of driving distance it means I will be present in the first hour after your baby is born. It could happen that I am there before the baby is born. In this case I’ll ask in advance what the parents want me to do: to remain in the hallway until the child is born or go inside already. Carola and Persijn chose the second, and so it happened that I was there when Lotte was born!

Carola was induced at 37 weeks and 5 days because of a high blood pressure and Lotte was truly a little baby: 2765 grams! Because her temperature dropped to much in the first hour she had to spend some time in the incubator.  She is the cutest little baby and you have to take a look at those long eye lashes! Beautiful.

Dear Carola and Persijn: all the best with sweet Lotte ♥

PS. this is what Carola wrote after seeing the blog: “Oooh woooow!! It’s so beautiful!! Really cool … I think it can go public like this, but it will still ask Persijn first (Who was really happy in the end that you were there!) well, I’m going to look at the photos’s again for about 100 times:-). “

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