Last year we stayed with Ellen and her family in Wellington New Zealand. We offered a photo session to all the families we stayed with. I did family photoshoots, maternity, newborn, but Ellen had a special request…. She had a great book at home: “Strong is the new pretty’. This book was full of stunning portraits of women. She wanted a similar photo session of her girls while they were doing their passion: gymnastics.


The photos she showed me were more than fantastic and the only thing I brought with me was my Nikon 750 and a 35mm lens. Of course I accepted the challenge, but I was scared haha.

I got more nervous when we arrived at the gym. It was a very small space full of gymnastic material, there was no natural light (except where I didn’t want it), fluorescent light EVERYWHERE and the ceiling and walls had some kind of isolation material in silver. I can honestly say this was one of the most challenging assignments I ever had to do. Especially because this involved quick movements. Some photos are made with 16.000 ISO, so then you know 😉

The girls had their own ideas too, the eldest wanted to read a book upside down 🙂

Although I was very scared to do it, I was pretty happy with result and it was fun to do. Especially because it was so fun to work the girls, they kept showing me their best moves over and over again.

Denny and Liv were there too and Denny took some photo of me in action, this will give you an even better idea of the space.

Here is a small selection of the photos I took. And Ellen & family: it’s been a while already, but again thank you SO MUCH for hosting us. Because of your stay Liv will always know what Halloween is about!