Week 2 from Vancouver to North Bend

Week 2 is over! Last Monday we left Vancouver (Canada) to go to Seattle. We had to say goodbye to our wonderful host family and somewhat worried we went to the American border. We heard mixed stories about crossing the border. We were well prepared. I disabled my Facebook page, I took the movie “who would like to host us” offline and we had recommendation letters from a few people we would stay with. We needed it all, but after 3 hours of worrying, a lot of questions and forms, we got in! Welcome to the United States 🙂

We had 3 wonderful days with an American family close to Seattle: Bridgid, Eric and their 4 children. A paradise for Liv 🙂 We had a really nice day at a waterfall (Liv was really happy that day) and the next day we went to Seattle (not for to long, because Liv was not happy at all..). If you travel with a child, they are the ones that decide how your day is going :p

After Seattle we continued to Portland, where we could stay in the house of Guusje and Erik (yes another Erik). Very special, because they were not at home due to a last minute holiday, but we could stay in their house nevertheless! Liv liked it so much (and so did we) that we stayed an extra night 🙂 It helped that the weather was nice too!

From Portland we went to Highway 101 and we drove till North Bend last Sunday and the the week came to an end 🙂

Below you find the week in photos and then the week in film. Enjoy! And see you next week 🙂

P.S. we are still looking for hosts in the US! Please watch our movie.