I would love to write a funny, nice and long story, but the truth is I hadn’t had a moment to do it. Which is a good sign of course 😉 When you follow us on Instagram you are already up to date.

At this moment we are in Seattle (we crossed the border without any problems, it only took forever!) and I’m on a couch writing this blog, while talking in English with my laptop on my lap.

The first week was a week where we had to arrange so many things. Groceries, IKEA, car hunt: you name it! But: we have a car!! A GMC Envoy from 2005. A huge car and we hope it was a good buy. We had some really nice days with a wonderful Dutch family in Vancouver who live in a beautiful area. That’s where we took all the gorgeous photos 🙂

Here our first week in film and then a few photos. Enjoy!

The nice family we stayed. We did a photo session to thank them!