We are here! Although we barely made it. Our start of our adventure almost went a way I did not see coming.

So I like planning.
A lot.
Denny doesn’t like planning.
Not at all.
So we disagree.
A lot.
Especially when there is a lot to plan. For example when you are going away for a whole year.

We had our share of fights these last few weeks and I couldn’t wait to reduce the to-do list to a maximum of 3 things.

But anyway, the day before we left we promised to be nicer (to each other) and I wouldn’t stress/ nag too much. That got tested right away when I said I would set my alarm at 5.30 AM. “5.30 AM?!?! Ok, but don’t worry we will have enough time.”

Our flight was at 1PM, but we had to make a stop at my dad’s house to drop off the car and to get something. If it’s up to me, I like to be in the airport 3 hours in advance or at least try to be. If you travel with a little one, in this case: Liv, you never know how things go. We have to make at least one bathroom stop and it’s not possible to do anything fast with a 2,5 year old.

The morning from the flight went well, although it was obvious that “the guys” (Denny and his friend) didn’t really find it necessary to try to leave at 7.30AM. When I heard: “Denny your coffee is ready” at 7.15AM and all our luggage was still in the hallway and Liv was running around in her pajamas it was hard not to say anything.

Well in the end we left at 7.45 and everything went really quickly at my dads house. We didn’t have any traffic on the way (luckily!) so that was good. Unfortunately while we were on our way, I found that I forgot a part of Liv her food in the fridge (that happens if you are in a rush, but I didn’t say this out loud 😉 ) I’ve got a somewhat sarcastic reply: “you can just go to the supermarket in Schiphol right?!”. They’ve told me this the day before when I’ve said I wanted to go to the supermarket here in Middelburg. I don’t like to do this in Schiphol, because it all takes time. I rather just sit at the gate. With plenty of time. Without stress. But now I had to go anyway.

When we arrived at Schiphol the “farewell team” was already there. A part of Denny his family came to say goodbye to us. I went to the supermarket as fast as I could (but it was really busy and Liv wanted to come too) and then we went to the luggage drop off.

The luggage drop off was crowded! The “farewell team” went to have a drink in the meanwhile and I tried to suggest that maybe we would just say goodbye WITHOUTH having a drink. We had to board at 12.15 and we still had to go through security and walk to the gate (in my case I always have to go to the most far gate there is. How is that even possible with every airline?!)

So again this was dismissed: “You don’t have to be the first at the gate?”, uhm no, but it’s just good to be there already, especially with a child. Then we can still use the bathroom, fill up our bottles of water etc.

At 11.45 we checked in our luggage. We come back to the “farewell team” and the question is: “What would you like to drink?” “A coffee please” says Denny (Noooooooooo!)….

So we have a drink. Which is really nice, but guys: the plane won’t wait for us! At 12 o’clock I say we really have to go and so we go. But before we are back down with the elevator, after saying goodbye and through security it is 12.40 and guess where our gate is?! Of course… the last gate in Schiphol. I throw Liv on my back and we start running. As fast as we can. On the way up Denny sees that are gate is closing.

OMG This Is Not Happening! Completely sweaty we arrive there at 12.55. Three grumpy men are waiting for us. “Do you know madam we were about to take your luggage off the plane?! 5 minutes later and the gate would have been closed.” The only thing I can say is: “You should say that to him!” pointing toward Denny.

Completely exhausted, sticky and with a heartbeat of 180, we get into the plane. Everyone is watching us: “so you are the people that are delaying our flight”. I feel awful!

It’s so chaotic and we take a seat. We are actually both speechless: did we really almost miss our plane?!

You would think this holiday started with a fight, but it didn’t. Our flight left immediately, we didn’t fight, I am ahead with 10-0 and for the rest of our lives I can use this against Denny (and his friend) which gives me also a good feeling.

PS. We had a really nice flight.. Liv slept well thanks to the bed of Fly Legs Up and we arrived before we knew it. First night we went to bed at the right time and the night went well. Liv was awake for a few hours, but the second night we got into the rhythm right away.

Here is a compilation of our trip. Without the running, stress and the sweating because there was no time to film :p

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