Triplet pregnancy

After Vera and Bobby got married they thought it would be nice to start a family and have baby, just like many others. When Vera was pregnant (natural way!), here belly showed pretty fast. She went to the first ultrasound without Bobby and you can maybe imagine a little what shock it will be when they say: “oh there are 2…. oh no, wait: there are 3!!!!! Bobby could not believe it when Vera called, but it’s true: Bobby and Vera will have triplets!

In the meanwhile, they are totally prepared (as far as you can be with triplets…)! They already know that it will be boys and / or girls, but it’s a surprise for everybody else. Right now Vera is 29 weeks pregnant and she hopes she will make it till 34 weeks. At the moment she cannot walk more than 5 to 10 minutes, but it’s worth it! If  she will make 34 weeks I’ll make photos again! And of course when the triplets are born …. 🙂

Friday may 11th 2012

As promised: “If Vera makes it till the 34 weeks, I will make photos again.” And she made it! In this photo Vera is 34 weeks and 6 days pregnant with her 3 little babies. In the meanwhile she has been admitted in the hospital because the baby’s were not growing enough.  In the hospital she can rest morel, she can go out of bed twice a day, but she can”t walk any further than the littleshop 400m away from her room. Fortunately, the baby’s responded fine, they gained weight again!  On the last ultrasound of 34 weeks they weighed 1900 grams, 1800 grams and 1450 grams. That’s a lot of weight in her belly! As long as it is possible they let the bab’s stay where they are and hopefully they will be even bigger! There was little room in the hospital room to take pictures and Vera did not really like herself in the picture, only her belly. So I took a picture with backlight where her belly just looks incredible beautiful!

Hopefully you can adore her triplets in the next blog!