On holiday with your baby

I started writing this whole story about going on holiday with your baby, but while I was writing it, I thought, “What a lot of drivel.” 🙂

The moral of this blog is: if you want to go on holiday, then go. That’s what we did, and it went brilliantly! We went to Sardinia. We made funny film about the first week, which you can watch here.)

As we usually do, we booked a hotel for the first 2 nights, with the intention to just take things as they came after that. This made things felxible, and we could see how it went with Liv. I was nervous about flying with Liv, but she was unmoved by the experience. She didn’t cry on the way there, or the way back. She just did a lot of smiling at everyone. 🙂 During take-off and landing she had a pacifier, or the breast, and didn’t seem to be troubled by her ears for even a second, so all my concerns beforehand were for nothing.

Things also went very well in Sardinia. Of course you have to do some adpating in the kinds of things you do, because we didn’t want to spend days lying on the beach with her, for example. She wouldn’t enjoy it, and she is so pale-skinned that we don’t like her to be in the sun at all unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. So, apart from 2 short visits to the beach, we enjoyed a lot of time enjoying ourselves under parasols on terraces.

Liv had no problem with the travelling around. In the end we covered nearly 1400km, and slept in 8 different accomodations.

One thing we couldn’t have done with out was the side-sleeping pillow for Liv. Using this, she could sleep on our bed without rolling anywhere. Every room we slept in we would move the bed against the wall, put the pillow in, and Liv had a place to sleep – perfect! In combination with the puckababy sleeping bag, this were two items we were very happy with. What were your un-missable items on a holiday with your baby?

Having a small baby with you on holiday means a lot of people talk to you. The Italians literally walked off with our baby at times. They would just pick her up, without asking. Very different to the Netherlands! 🙂 In the beginning I found it strange, but since Liv just enjoyed all the attention, it wasn’t a problem. By now she can dream the words, “ciao bella”, “ciao amore” and “piccolini”! So great!

We went on holiday with 2 wraps, and that was wonderful. I think a lot of parents looked at us with jealousy as they struggled to push buggies and prams over the cobblestones in the city! That’s when a wrap is ideal! The only disadvantage to not having a pram with a baby who cannot yet sit, is that you have to keep her on your lap in restaurants. At a 4 person table we could put her on the table on the changing mat. Once she’s awake, Liv does not appreciate being in the wrap. I spilled a lot of food, haha! Denny was better at it, and sometimes we just took turns to eat. 🙂

It was very relaxed, and a lot of fun. We were the last people at breakfast every day, to everyone’s surprise. 😀 Definitely worth doing again! Here are some photos from a camera (not mine own this time, because we already took so much stuff) and from the Iphone.

P.S. The movie was made with the iMovie app, which is really easy to use. The intention was to also make something afterwards about the whole holiday, but I really do prefers still photos, so we’re just leaving it at a trailer only. 😉vakantie met baby Eerste vakantie baby Holiday with your baby First holiday baby Vakantie met LIv