Gift from a baby

A little while ago a friend of mine, Sabine, sent me a message with photos of an adorable piece of art she had made with her children:

Photo: Sabine de Hoop

Such a cute idea! I wanted to know where she got the idea from. 🙂 Google was the answer, so I soon had a new Pinterest board. filled with cute handprint and footprint artwork. Now I just had to choose what I would make with Liv, for Denny’s birthday, and then get all the supplies together. There wasn’t much time,so it all had to happen during one shopping trip to the Action, and it did.

What do you need?

A baby with hands and feet which you can use.
Cadeau 628003-

A photo frame (this one is from the Action, and you slide the photo in from above. So it’s double-sided, which is very cool, and it cost less than €3. Paint (also from Action, although next time I’ll go hunting for something more natural), a bowl to put the paint in, a paintbrush, and white paper. Oh, and don’t forget to have wet wipes nearby for the inevitable accidents. I only thought of that once the paint was everywhere. 🙂

Cadeau 628001-

Oh, and a scanner, photoshop (and some ability to use it), and photo paper. If you’re not good with photoshop, you can also draw everything by hand, but I’m not very good at that. 🙂

When everything is ready, the fun starts. Just try getting a 4 month old baby to cooperate with providing good handprints and footprints on paper. I knew I was going to scan them in, so I didn’t have to get the prints in exactly the right place. So I just tried again and again until I felt that I had one good right footprint, one good left footprint, and one good handprint.

Cadeau 628003-

Then the work in Photoshop started, and I have to say that Liv and I are VERY proud of the result, and her daddy loved it.

Cadeau 628005- Cadeau 628004-

For more ideas, feel free to look the Pinterest Board I created.