Dear Liv,

It’s going to be a tradition: a letter for your birthday. I just read the letters from your first and second year. Now the third year is ready to start and we will celebrate this in Toronto, Canada!

Last year I wrote: “if it’s up to you, we could travel full time. And if it’s up to us too actually 🙂 “. I guess I could look into the future, because here we are on the other side of the world. We have been on the road for 19 weeks now and slept in 61 different places and, except for the driving, you like it all. You developed like crazy this year, but especially in the last months since we started our trip. You approach people more easy, also in English: “Hi, my name is Liv, you want play?”

Since we are travelling, you sleep better. You sleep through the night more often, as long as you are in bed with us. You fall asleep in my arms and this is where you wake up again. In between I’m not there, but you don’t know that 😉 Not every parent likes to sleep with his child in the same bed, but I love to get into bed and snuggle next to your warm little body. On this trip it’s sometimes a little crowded if we sleep in a full size bed, but we manage pretty well the three of us. The three musketeers 🙂

You start talking when you wake up and won’t stop till you go to bed and you make up stories all the time. You especially make up songs, it’s hilarious sometimes. Since a few days you also started asking: “Why?” Everything I say you will answer with: “But why mommy?” And if I answer the question you for sure will say again: “But why?”.

You love animals (doesn’t matter what kind) and you love other children. If we go “to a new house” you’ll always ask: “are there any friends for me and do they have toys?”. Every child we meet is “your friend” and that’s what you will call them ”friend”. We meet so many children that you cannot remember their names so we hear often: “Friend! Friend! Come!”.

You still love hugs and kisses and if I have to leave for a while, you’ll always say when I come back: “I missed you mommy”. You have the most fun with dad, I don’t know how he does it, but he can give you the giggles. As long as I’m not around otherwise you are all into mommy. You still drink “mommy milk”, although there hasn’t been a let-down reflex in months. But you say there is still milk. We only have a nursing session in the morning now and I don’t think that will continue for much longer, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Yesterday I told you when you went to bed that I’m also a little sad that you will be 3. “Why mommy?”. Because I miss that you were a baby. You were quiet and then you said: “I can still be a baby, mommy. A pretend baby. Da da da da da da da da”.

And you are right. We will just pretend 😉

Happy 3rd birthday sweetie!

X Mommy

Here you find a photo every month. Starting in June 2017. I didn’t have a photo of every month with my camera, so I cheated a couple of times with an Iphone Photo. The photo of February is taken by Jody Deijnen Photography