The nursery, with the perfect rocking chair! 

Denny and I have always said that we wouldn’t have a nursery. We didn’t mean that the baby wouldn’t have a room, but we both agreed that it wasn’t necessary to buy a full set of nursery furniture for a lot of money. We didn’t want a ‘display room’ nursery.

Confession: there are some beautiful nurseries, and I have seen some of the sweetest and most beautiful nurseries when I have been into people’s homes. Which almost make you want one! Almost. Because really: what use is it all to the baby? She doesn’t see the crib she’s in, the colour of the wall, or whether her furniture is ‘cool’. And let’s be honest: it all costs a pretty penny, especially if you buy everything new. Of course there’s nothing wrong with buying beautiful furniture for the nursery: you can only spend your money once, and luckily everyone can decide for themselves what they’ll spend it on, but for both of us a proper nursery just wasn’t necessary.

The only thing I really, really wanted was a lovely, comfortable chair. A good chair, in which I will be able to breastfeed, and maybe sit in for nights on end with a baby who won’t sleep. In other words: we went in search of the perfect chair for a nursery! It had to be a rocking chair – I knew that from the start. It took some searching, but I found it! On the very aptly named: hahaha schommelstoel means rocking chair). Tadaaaaa: 

Perfecte babykamer stoel

Having looked at a lot of chairs, I made a decision. This was The One! The “Rokade” rocking chair. Het leuke was dat hij mega snel werd geleverd en dat ie ook nog heel gemakkelijk in elkaar te zetten was. Schapenkleedje eroverheen, kussentjes erin en een hele blij Marry (en waarschijnlijk ook Denny als ie straks nachtenlang aan het schommelen is 😉 )!

The rocking chair is really the only thing we’ve bought, together with a shelf and some little hooks. For Jazlyn (my niece) we had already bought a 2nd hand crib (which she never sleeps in, she sleeps everywhere apart from in a bed during the day), we had a chest of drawers already, and we had a changing cushion too. I’ve stuck chalkboard stickers from LOOD5 on the chest of drawers (what an awesome invention!). I’ll be able to write what’s inside each drawer, and that will be baby’s clothing cupboard.

We wanted Max to still be able to stay over (he’s going to be living in as of the summer), so his bed is still in the room, and under the bed are 2 handy drawers in which I can store a whole bunch of baby stuff. Then there’s an ‘Expedit’ cupboard from Ikea which was in that room already, so that gives us enough room to store everything (and that extra bed may come in handy for myself or Denny, so that at least one of us gets a good night’s sleep sometimes :p).

Babykamer schommelstoel

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been given so many lovely things, and these are all in the baby’s room. A little ‘Zwitsal’ scent sachet, and before we knew it we suddenly had a ‘real’ nursery. I love it so much that I leave the door open so that I can peek into it every day. 🙂

And when I really want to daydream about what it’s all going to be like when the baby arrives, I go and sit in my beautiful rocking chair and I rock back and forth while I feel my little girl moving back and forth in my belly.♥

There’s something special about a nursery after all. 🙂

 Schommelstoel babykamer