Why cloth diapers?

Ever since I declared my intention to use cloth diapers, I regularly get asked: “why in heaven’s name do you want to use cloth diapers?!” and the comment: “I couldn’t do it, all those dirty cloths covered in poop.” Denny said the same thing in the beginning, and since we had an introductory consultation, he now sees only advantages. And if he sees it…

The fun part is that, if you’re also enthusiastic after reading this blog, you could win 3 cloth diapers from  Kaatje Katoen!

The first time I saw cloth diapers I was at the 9-maandenbeurs (baby expo) 4 years ago. I’ve written earlier that I was there with Denny because of the new company I was starting, and the diapers caught my attention immediately. They looked just like ‘real’ diapers, but in funky colours. Nowadays I occasionally see them being used by clients, and it just makes me even more enthusiastic.

My main reasons:
– You can use them until your child potty trains, so it’s much cheaper than disposable diapers (http://www.kaatjekatoen.nl/prijs);
– It’s better for the environment (and yes, that’s taking into account the use of the washing machine) (http://www.kaatjekatoen.nl/milieu);
– Pure nature, and no harsh chemicals like those which are in disposable diapers

But I’ll be honest: the money was the reason it caight my attention in the first place, and everything else came afterwards. In that regard I really am Dutch. 😉

Denny envisioned a thick piece of cloth and a safety pin, and wasn’t very enthusiastic at all when I was excitedly telling him about the possibilities. When he doesn’t want to do something I can try just about anything, but nothing will change his mind. However, we went to a ‘cloth diaper consultation’ haha. What I didn’t know was that there are a huge amount of different kinds of cloth diapers to choose from. Something for everyone. At an introductory consultation (which is completely without any purchase obligation) you can see a lot of different kinds of cloth diapers, and receive explanations as to how they all work. So a few weeks ago we drove to Zierikzee, where one of the consultants from Kaatje Katoen lives. Denny was very sceptical. 😉 (Note from Denny: “There was also a good football match on TV that day. I don’t often watch football on TV, outside of the Euro Cup, and the World Cup, but this one I really did want to watch….” I didn’t know about the match, or we could have gone on a different day, of course. 😉

When we got there, there was a huge box standing ready, filled with all kinds of cloth diapers. Coffee and tea in hand, we got started. Wow! So many possibilities! Dual systems (diaper + cover), all-in-one diapers, with poppers, without poppers, with inserts attached, loose inserts, cotton, bamboo… you name it! Denny was visibly impressed (ok, me too) especially because they just look like ‘normal’ diapers, and ‘the poop problem’ is non-existant, because nobody wants to throw a diaper full of poop in the washing machine.

Wasbare luiers

So, how does it work then? When you put the diaper on, you put a liner into the diaper, and the liner catches most of the poop. When you clean the diaper, you throw the liner away (or flush it down the toilet). The diaper goes into a diaper bucket in which there is  a washing net already hanging. At the end of the day you throw the entire washing net into the washing machine. If your child has not pooped, you can leave the liner I the diaper, and it gets washed too, and can be reused. Easy!

To make a long story short, we chose this diaper: The bamboozle stretch. Why?
1. Bamboo
These diapers are made of bamboo, which absorbs more than cotton, and is great for sensitive baby skin.
2. Dual system
Because the diaper and cover are separate, you have less chance of leakage (far less than with a dispoable diaper), and you don’t have to wash the cover every time, which means the diaper lasts longer.
3. Sizing
The diapers have poppers, and you can change the size easily.

These are also the diapers you can win. We were immediately sold on these diapers. And to make it extra fun, they’re available in different colours and designs. And if you think that’s everything, you’re wrong, because there are also accessories, haha! I really want  the vest extenders and the bamboo breast pads ‘Boobbirds’ . Also washable, and as Denny put it: “Those can also be used as diaper inserts” hahahaha.