In spite of everything that’s been said, I still can’t believe it. I want to ask every day, “Are you sure?” but I think it would drive him mad, haha! Luckily we’re in Myanmar, where there is a lot of distraction, so I also have less time to think about it. Today we coincidentally bumped into Denny’s old next-door neighbours in Middelburg! What’s the chance of that happening?! Really lovely, so we went out together, the four of us. We went on an amazing boat trip on Inle Lake. A brilliant day!


Now we’re in a lovely hotel on the lake itself! A little above our budget, but sometimes you have to spoil yourself. 😉 Unfortunately there were no more rooms available with a double bed, so now we’re very un-romantically stuck in 2 single beds. I’m spending a lot of time wondering what will happen when we do have sex. Will we really not use a condom? Maybe at the last minute he will change his mind? Stupid that I worry so much about these things, but it just doesn’t feel real yet. I’ve hoped for this day for so long and now that it’s happened it just doesn’t seem to penetrate that it’s real. But so far every evening we’re so tired that we can’t even think about doing anything exciting. 😉


The next day at breakfast I drink a glass of juice which tastes a little odd, but I don’t want to be difficult in such an expensive hotel, which people who live and work here could only dream about visiting, so I drink it all. Stupid… Not even an hour later I’m sick and it just gets worse and worse. We need to take the night bus to Yangon and I am so ill. I keep needing to vomit and I can tell you that’s not fun when you’re stuck on a bus. I feel so sorry for myself!

Ziek -011

Unfortunately I am sick for days and by the time we get to our last destination for the last days of rest and romance I am sicker than ever. Denny has to eat and can’t do anything for me anyway, so he goes out alone to have something to eat. Before he leave he gives my tummy a kiss and says ‘get better quickly.” Suddenly I can see him talking to our baby like that one day and I start to cry. I sniff and splutter, “I’m in such a beautiful place, with the love of my life. He finally wants to make a baby with me and now I’m sooooo sick! Boohoohoo, sniff, splutter.” I’m so pathetic that Denny can only laugh. It is a bit funny, but I’m not really finding it amusing at the moment. But ok, we have lots of time and we’ll start next time I ovulate!