First moments between brothers and sisters

 Brothers and sisters

I’ve written a blog about the first visitors after a birth before. These first visitors often include the big brothers and sisters of course. I had to write a separate blog for them though, because there are few things more touching than the first moments between siblings.

This doesn’t mean that every child is equally enthusiastic about meeting the new baby. Some children have no idea what this moment means, and what they should think. Especially if it’s in a hospital, where everything is different. Sometimes they briefly look at the baby, and that’s the end of it… or they’re so surprised they just keep staring in disbelief…


Some children immediately turn into chatterboxes “Why do you have a wire in your hand, mommy?” “Why is the baby so dirty, mommy?” “What does that machine do, mommy?” Many parents ask whether the child would like to give the new baby a kiss. A kiss? No, most of them are not interested in that. They look at you as if you’ve said something very scary. But some of them can’t stop kissing and touching the new baby.


In some cases you need to wipe your mouth very thoroughly after kissing the baby!


Some children are so happy the baby has arrived that they give it the same loving looks as their mama does!


However they react, the moment is always special, and most parents really look forward to it. It’s special to be able to record this moment for them. It doesn’t matter that they sometimes need to be woken up. Most of them come out of bed willingly when they hear that “the baby” has arrived.

 And that messy bed-hair, just makes it even cuter.


The fact that the baby now has a name is often a bit difficult. During the first hour it will still consistently be called ‘the baby’. But it always works out, just like with the kisses for the baby (in most cases). Enjoy all these amazing reaction, and cute faces. In many of them you can feel the enthusiasm and love right through the screen!

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