Not everyone chooses to have visitors directly after the birth of their baby. Some moms and dads only invite the grandparents to visit, and others have the entire room full of visitors in no time at all. Some choose to have no visitors at all until the following day. 

If they do have visitors, then it always produces wonderful photos – guaranteed! It starts the moment they step into the room: a smile from ear to ear, and often the grandparents are caught wiping away a tear.

In this blog I’ll show you a number of my favourite ‘visitor photos’, which I am allowed to share. 

I wish you all the best with your families this festive season! 

P.S If you are a blogger of journalist, and you want to write an article about this, please contact me at It is NOT PERMITTED to copy photos from the website, even with a credit or citation. Not all the parents have given their permission for external use. Thank you!

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