In January 2014 I took photos of the first hours of Lise’s life. The year before that, I had met her parents, Carola and Andre. During the birth they wanted to be together, without any other non-essential people around, so they chose to have a ‘First Fresh Hours’ shoot. And when Carola fell pregnant with their second baby, she called me again! 

Lise arrived 2 weeks early, and Carola expected this little boy to arrive before his 40 weeks were up. She was right. Sinterklaas brought them this gift on the 5th of December. 🙂 It was all incredibly fast. They had a lovely lunch in Domburg, and just after 17:00 they had a baby, Jens! This time they had a home birth. When I came in Carola was still overwhelmed by Jens’s arrival, and that didn’t change in the time that I was there. 

When I left they had already had dinner, and they could snuggle into bed as a family of 4, as if Jens had always been there. 

Sweet Jens 

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