A day later then usual, because my website crashed since so many people wanted to know what the gender was at the same time yesterday. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again today 🙂 To make it up to you I added a little video from the moment we cut the cake that Bo made with her phone. No time to make a translation, but you actually don’t need one 😉 

It’s a….

Gender reveal cake

Actually I wasn’t nervous for the whole day. Till it was time to cut the cake, then I went nuts!!! (We didn’t know either what color the cake would be). The idea of the design of the cake came from Denny. Since “the seed” was all we could talk about the last years, it could not be on the cake hahaha. On Facebook 33,3% thought a boy and 66,6% thought a girl. On our gender reveal party it was almost equal; 46% thought a boy and 54% a girl.

There will be a blog with more photos and the whole story as soon as I have all the photos, but for now… It’s a……:

Jongen meisje taart

A GIRL!!!!! I told you so 🙂 🙂


Photography: Linda Hemmes Fotografie
Cake: Zoet goed taarten

Video of the moment: