We are going on an adventure, again 🙂 Right before Christmas we came to the conclusion that we could go away for a few weeks in January. Justt before the workshops birth photography, Liv will turn 2 and that she won’t fly for free anymore 😉

So we searched many travel books to find a perfect destination for a 1,5 year old, where the weather is also nice in January. In our minds we already flew around the world and after Canada (really awesome, but too cold in January), a camper trip in California (hmm, but then we definitely want to see the Grand Canyon as well, also other national parks, but all these parks are too cold in January), we arrived in Cuba. Still in our minds 😉 This island has been on our travel lists for a while. Close to the U.S. (in case something serious would happen), known for its good health care and a nice temperature in January. What else do you need?? We could start planning our trip!

We bought a Lonely Planet (always our first step after choosing a destination), I started looking for flights and Denny for accommodation. I prefer to book accommodation for the first 2 or 3 nights, especially since we travel with Liv. We all decided this last minute, because we wanted to leave within 2 weeks, so we even had some time to get back into the rhythm before starting the workshop birth photography.

Evening after evening we searched for accommodations and a car, and you know what: nowhere to be found!! There was no car on the whole island and all the accommodations we sent an email, where fully booked (and you can’t book through Booking.com or TripAdvisor, since this is American). Without Liv we would have bought a ticket and just see what would happen, but we were afraid to take risk with her. So we went back to where we started: the world map!

Curious to see where we are going? We will tell you in the next blog, tomorrow 🙂