After the conclusion that we wouldn’t be going to Cuba, I needed some time to let go of this plan. I was ready to go there 🙂 So in the end we came with 3 other destinations that would be an option. There are many countries I would love to go when Liv is a little older, like Costa Rica (or actually all countries in Latin America), Indonesia, Myanmar (Denny and I have been there, but love to go back), but at the moment when she still isn’t able to walk very far, I want to wait. So in the end we were left with these 3 destinations:

  1. Jamaica
  2. Malaysia
  3. The South of Thailand

Jamaica would be a combination of backpacking and a beach holiday in one place. In about 10 till 14 days you can see the island and then there would be one week left for the beach. Unfortunately the flight times where not convenient, so Jamaica, maybe next time 😉 Then there were only two choices left, and we decided to go for Thailand. I’ve never been in this part of Thailand (except for Phuket a few days), we thought we could go island hopping, January is the dry season, perfect weather, no Malaria (in theory). So in short: perfect!

Only problem… most island could not be reach by car. So island hopping with a car wasn’t an option. For that reason, sooner than we would have thought, we are going backpacking with Liv!

Backpacking with a 1,5 year old. Crazy or best plan ever?!