So what do you pack if you go to the tropics? In our case: not to much because it had to fit in two backpacks. Oooh what did we get into?!?!? Hahahaha.

The biggest challenge is (except our own clothes, toiletries, Liv her clothes and stuff) to pack 3 packs of diapers! Not that they don’t sell diapers in Thailand, of course they do, but the question is: what kind of diapers? And can you buy them everywhere? Even on some remote islands?

I bought “packing cubes” to try to bring order to the chaos. Hopefully this will help to organize our stuff when we arrive somewhere, instead of having all of our stuff all over the place. Besides that we took a critical look at our clothes: 3 pair of trousers/shorts and a few t-shirts per person is enough. I packed the most clothes for Liv 🙂


And then this has to go into our packs:

  • Sunscreen (a special kind for Liv without chemical junk)
  • Mosquito repellent (we also have a child friendly kind from Australia)
  • Homeopathic travel pharmacy
  • Aspivenin
  • First aid kit
  • Sunglasses (also one for Liv)
  • UV-suit (again for Liv)
  • A travel alarm clock
  • A plug adapter
  • A safe bag (this is the best thing ever, great tip from Laura from Vink Academy)
  • Laptop, iPad and camera (backpacking anno 2017)
  • Hats
  • Flip flops
  • Toys and books for Liv (some small things)
  • Handgel
  • A woven carrying wrap
  • Washing liquid and clothes pins
  • 2 hammam cloths (perfect as a towel).

The plan is that Denny will cary one backpack in front of him and one on the back. I will carry Liv in the wrap and the hand luggage (front or back, depending on Liv).

And believe it or not, but all of this stuff fits into 2 backpacks, a small bag for Liv and a hand luggage backpack. Including 3 packs of diapers! So during our trip we will have more space!

The proof:

Yeah, we are ready! Excited!

Oh, by the way: we have a house sitter 🙂