A keepsake for first baby clothes

During one of the many, many night-time nursing sessions, I looked at my baby and thought: she’s getting so big already! Newborn clothes didn’t fit her any more, and the next size up wouldn’t fit for much longer. Exactly what everyone had told me, of course. I hadn’t bought many baby clothes, but still… Each set of clothing triggered some kind of memory now, and what would happen to them all? Would another child wear them? Don’t most people buy new clothes in those newborn sizes? Did I want another baby to wear those clothes? My preference was to keep them, but a box of used baby clothes floating around pointlessly in the attic? I didn’t want that either.

And then I suddenly thought: what if I make them into a blanket? Liv can play on it, we can picnic on it, and if she ever becomes a mother one day far from now, her babies can play on it too. My heart leapt, and I was immediately wide awake. I thought it was a great idea!

A couple of weeks later I collected all the newborn and 0-3 months clothing in a bag. I headed off to Wilma from Rok&Rol, my go-to person for anything which needs sewing, because let’s be honest – I am not at all handy with a sewing machine. I told her my idea, and her answer was, “Of course that’s possible!” and so we started cutting out squares!

Eerste babykleertjes

Yes, cutting squares out of baby clothes. But there were a number of items with prints, which couldn’t be cut into squares. So we cut 8 rectangles, and 8 in between bits, which would then form 3 squares when put together. Any cute edges, seams, bows and others little bits were also saved, with those we could pimp the “boring” squares.

Herinnerings plaid

My father found my mother’s old sewing machine for me, and I off I went, Marry-style, which is not always very neat and straight when it comes to sewing. 😉 I sewed all the squares together myself, and I was a proud as a peacock. They weren’t all the same size, but that didn’t matter. Liv thought it was fascinating, and watched me intensely.


After all the squares were joined together, I continued to add all the little details: cute edges from vests, bows, and anything else useable.


Filled with pride I returned to Wilma, and she helped me with the last bit. She put a piece of fiberfill in between, and sewed some grey waffle-weave cotton on the back. I thought a dark colour would be most practical, since you won’t see any stains as quickly. This also makes it lovely and thick and comfy to sit on. Unfortunately she broke 6 needles doing it, and it was a task my mother’s sewing machine couldn’t cope with!


The result is a lovely quilt, which I am very proud of, filled with memories! An absolutely wonderful idea for everyone, even if you can’t sew very well. Oh and Liv loves it!


PS. Liv’s very first outfit did not get cut up. It’s still hanging up on show in the nursery. Maybe one day it will be worn by another baby