For all my English Speaking friends..

I tried my best on a good translation, but I already find it hard to rhyme in Dutch, so an English translation of a Dutch rhyme is impossible haha But first things first.

Some of you already know, since we told you in the past: we have a look-a-like Santa Claus who goes by the name of Sinterklaas. He’s a skinny Santa Claus and instead of putting presents in a stocking he puts them in shoes. Anyway, same same but different 😉 One of the traditions when the kids don’t believe anymore is the making of “Surprises” (pronounced like the French word, not the English word. This is a craft you make yourself that has something to do with the person you drew. (You make lots with all the people participating). You have to hide the present in the Suprise and you have to write a poem.

This said… I drew Denny this year. I immediately had this idea, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off (and if it would be a good idea haha).

Little background information.. this year our friends Myrthe and Eric got married and the year before our other friends Guusje and Jordy. Since then Denny got the same question over and over again: when will it be your turn! It was the joke of our group of friends. I don’t necessarily have to get married (I think it’s a waste of money.. sorry!), but being asked seems very special to me and I would like that (and Denny knows. Anyway, I wanted to something with this.

And so this is what I made…






Which was harder to make than I thought by the way..

I will try to translate the poem without the rhyme as good as I can (which sounds stupid without the rhyme but well..). It will explain it all. And if you want you can watch the video in the end where he is reading the poem out loud.

Dear Denny,

So here you two are,
Are you getting warm yet?

This year Myrthe and Eric got married on a sunny day,
The year before it was Jordy and Guusje with a tear and smile.

So this year the question was: when will you go down on one knee?
You kept saying: I don’t know.

Or you made a joke, which is one of the things you can do best,
A little tease is what you like most.

Some nuts and a beer,
will make the perfect evening for you.

Keep it simple and calm,
Coming down for dinner after a working day.

Just seeing what the day brings,
Not too much stress because life is a soap as it is.

We heard from a reliable source,
That it was your wife you came up with the idea
To just stay in your home one day
And make it her home too this way

It was her who said:
I’m done with this, register yourself with me

You wanted to keep your money safe on paper first,
But she she said, I have no time for this nonsense.

Please meet me at the city hall on Monday
She said with a smile

And you thought: why not
It’s easy she takes care of everything

But the mote important question is still not coming,
Like she says, by that time my boobs are hanging on my knees.

So a little help is more than welcome,
Mister groom to be.


And then I went down on one knee.

(And Denny died hahaha. Priceless)

I got the box for the ring and there was the second part of the poem.


Do you feel put on the spot?
Complete in shock?

Is your temperature rising?
And can you spot a tear in the room?
Don’t worry hun,
We are not getting on this rollercoaster now.

I hope you still like me after this stunt,
And you aren’t breaking up with me,

But this important question is only for you,
I won’t force you into a marriage.

I won’t let you go anway,
Even when there is no ring on my finger.

The only thing I wanted to say,
Is that I love you very much.