(If you missed the last blog: we arrived in a really simple hotel without any facilities, while the rain is pouring down. Because of the rain, and floods, there are no taxi’s available. You can read the previous blog here)

The guy from the taxi speaks English very well, so I ask him if there are any taxi’s going to Khanom. The plan is to go there tomorrow, but Denny and I have discussed our options and we want to try to travel there today. For this hotelroom we’ve only paid $15,-, so it’s not a big deal if we can’t sleep here. If it would be possible to arrive one night early in the other hotel we have booked, it would be perfect. The hotel in Khanom looks GORGEOUS online.. If this works, we will leave here today, so we know we won’t get stuck if more rain is coming and we can have diner in the nice hotel tonight even it’s raining cats and dogs.

The taxi man tells me he has to swing by the hotel before he goes to the taxi company, so we can meet. In the meantime we try to reach the next hotel, but nobody is answering the phone. I’m so frustrated!

A little later a mini bus stops in front of our hotel. A young guy, maybe 25 years old, gets out and he speaks English fluently! He calls our next hotel again and now someone is answering! And they have a room available! YEAH! I explain our situation and she is going to ask if the road is safe to travel. We can only hope…

And she has good news! The road is (still) accessible, but she doesn’t know for how long. Ok, let’s go! We get our bags and we ask the guy if he is willing to drive us to Khanom. He doesn’t know what to say.. His plan was to take us to the busstation so we could see if there was a bus going. Oh.. hmmm, not what we had in mind 🙂 We ask him if he know anyone who could take us there, and what the costs will be. He will think about it, while we get te rest of our stuff.

When we come back he tells us, he will drive us himself. Yes! We now understand why it took him longer to think about it: he is not a taxi driver, but the owner of the hotel hahaha.

The trip to Khanom goes well. Liv falls a sleep before we know it and “our driver” speaks such perfect English that we have a really nice chat. He even drives us pass the tempel that was our main reason to come here. We can only see it from the car in the rain, but we are still happy. On our way to Khanom we see many parts that are already flooded, so we are happy that we’ve made this decision.

In the end of the afternoon we arrive at the hotel. A lot better than where we came from, but not half as nice as shown on the website. Because of the heavy rain the beach is really dirty and the waves are sky high and besides that there are SWARMS of mosquitos. Rain is not the worst thing, but the mosquitos that come with it are just horrible. Liv seems to react to them quit heavenly and has huge bites leaking fluid for days after the bit her 🙁

Can someone please turn off the rain?



The beach at our hotel

Enjoying yourself when it rains can be really fun. Especially when you can put stuff on your head 🙂