After a night sleep (in a so called pool villa full of insects), the weather doesn’t look any better. Admittedly it is dry sometimes, but that’s all. But then again, a few days with bad weather is not the end of the world right? The only thing is that the weather forecast for the coming week just says rain. And rain. And rain.. So what are we going to do?!

We consider all kind of options, including flying to a different country for a week. In the end we decided to drive to the other side of the peninsula (in about 5 hours). So go back west and then find an island more North. For now the weather forecast looks better in that area; at least no rain. To make the trip not too long in one day, we like to spend one night in Ranong and then take the boat to Koh Phayam the next day.

The day we drive from Khanom to Ranong it is dry most of the day, so here are the heart patches 🙂 The hotel in Ranong is beautiful and across the street there is really nice, local evening market and we are the talk of the town with Liv in the wrap. We see lots of people from Myanmar, because we are only 45min. away from the border. Unfortunately he mosquitos are still present in large numbers. Sometimes I’m completely paranoid because I don’t want them to bite Liv and they do, right through your clothes! Till she was one year old they didn’t even like her, but now it seems she is the best treat ever. Strange.

After our night in Ranong, we continu by boat to Koh Phayam and wow, we love it from the moment we arrive.It is such a relaxed island! The atmosphere is great, beautiful beaches, calm see, toekans and squirrels in the trees. Since this is the best place so far, we book two extra nights.

Again there is rain, but after the rain there is a little bit of sunshine as well. So back to our holiday-vibes!


Good food makes up for everything 🙂