The last blog of this holiday with a few facts and highlights (that we haven’t shared yet, because some of the photos in this and this blog, were highlights as well!). Because of the rain it was a little different than our usual holiday, but we sure enjoyed (parts of) it! Photos in this blog are taken with a camera and with an Iphone.

We liked backpacking, although this holiday was a lot more luxury then the years before Liv 🙂 We thought her age in Australia was easier than it was now. Last summer when we were in Australia, Liv was perfectly fine a wrap, also for longer walks, but that time is over. Every day she know better what she wants haha.

Out trip back was easy peasy, like we are used too. I guess we just had bad luck on our way up, that Liv woke up a couple of times right after she fell a sleep. She was just over tired.

We have traveled 1250 km (about 210km of these by boat). We booked 13 different accommodations, and skipped 1 and from the 21 days in Thailand we had 2 complete dry days (the last 2). The other days it rained during the day and/or night which is not normal for this time of the year.


When we visited a temple in a non touristic area, we became the highlight. Even more when Denny decided to use the hair dresser service which was free that day. Everyone came to look and take pictures 😀

Liv could not get used to the fact that everyone wanted to touch or lift her (so this never happend, since she started screaming instantly). She did find out pretty quickly that people loved her when she would wave goodby and say “bye bye” or “Ka pun Kaa” which is Thank you in Thai. So she did all the time 😉


Liv loved every animal and they were all special. She had so much fun with chickes, roosters, crabs, gekko’s, birds, fish etc. Highlights for her where the elephants and for us a Toekan.


An ideal way to travel and see some of the surrounding area. Liv loved the scooter. We even moved from one accommodation on the other on the scooter, “Thai Styling”. With all our luggage, including us on one scooter. This went very well. Unfortunately nobody took our photo 🙂

Sometimes nursing can be overwhelming, but is comes in handy in so many situations! As long as there is a boob, Liv will sleep. Where ever this is. Her favorite moment: the scooter haha, but also the beach, in the car, on the boat. So easy if you travel and you child can sleep every where (provided there is a boob…)!


Do you know that Denny and I never have a jetlag and that Liv is really our child. She doesn’t have a jetlag either! As soon as we came home, back in the rhythm, perfect!

When can we go again? 🙂

We would love to go to Canada or Japan!

P.S I forgot to mention it in the “what to pack” blog, but we love our Potette travel pot. So easy if you are potty training your child!

(oh and the Ipad is just the best invention every. Never thought I would say this as a mom…. Sssssssssh!)