Reusable babywipes

Last month in the Netherlands an article comparing baby wipes was published by a well-known product testing website. The results shocked me. I already knew that baby wipes contained a lot of less than desirable ingredients, but there is more junk in them than I thought! I truly hadn’t realised…

 We’ve used reusable wipes for Liv from the beginning. As I’ve said before, we had our doubts about the cloth diapers, but with the wipes it was love at first sight! There are various brands of reusable wipes (and you can of course make your own), but the brand we chose was ‘Cheeky Wipes’, thanks to their handy system.

 There’s a tub in which you put the clean wipes, and another tub for the dirty wipes. The tub for clean wipes is filled with water and a few drops of scented oil (which is included when you purchase the set). In the tub for the dirty wipes there is a little laundry net, and you put a few drops of oil in that tub too. When the dirty wipes tub is full, you just pull out the laundry net, and put it in the washing machine, and voila! So easy!

 These days the wipes go into the wash with the diapers, but before we used cloth diapers I would just throw them in with the rest of the laundry. With the complete set you also receive a bag for taking the wipes on the road, and a bag (with a laundry net in it) for the dirty wipes.

 It’s also not necessary to hang the clean wipes up to dry – which is very handy. You just put the damp clean wipes in the tub with the water and scented oil, and you’re ready to go (or clean 🙂 ).

 As far as we’re concerned, there are only positives – it’s good for the environment, and you know for sure that there is no strange junk in your wipes!

PS.I do have to say that Liv has pooped on the toilet since she was 6 months old, so we don’t have to clean any major poop diapers with our wipes… 😉

PPS. Still not convinced? Watch this video:


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