Stuff which is handy when you have a baby?

I’ll be honest – Denny and I are pretty skeptical about a lot of things. We think a lot of things are nonsense. Luckily we both feel the same way, usually. The baby monitor is an exception, because Denny wanted one with a camera, which I think is nonsense, even though I do understand why it could be handy. But you have to let the boys have their toys, right? So now we have a fancy baby monitor with a camera. 😉

But anyway, there are things which I do think are important and I do always like to see the new stuff in the world of baby products. In 2011 I went to the 9-maandenbeurs (huge annual baby expo in the Netherlands) for the first time. I’d never been before, and it was the year I was going to start my company. I was very curious about what they would have there, so I went with Denny. He volunteered, I swear! We didn’t know what to expect… What a mass of people, and what a mass of stuff!! One time, and never again haha (I thought). The next year I was at the expo again, with my company, and in 2013, and 2014. The first time I went there in the metro, and arrived at the station I was dumbfounded. All those woman, and all their little trollies on wheels, for putting the ‘booty’ in! I felt like I’d arrived on another planet!

Anyway, this year I went on Sunday afternoon, with a friend. On Sunday afternoon it’s quieter. Everyone who got there in the morning is already exhausted, and you have loads of space and time to look around. This makes it a little more “fun”.

Once again this year, there were a number of products which I found incredibly amusing:

The pacifier with holes in it, so that your child can ‘suck’ up their food
Really! It exists! Very handy, according to the salesman. Looks like a pacifier, but a bit bigger, and it has holes. You stick pureed food in it, and pop it into baby’s mouth, and all baby has to do is suck…. Really?

The automatic baby swing which can do just about anything
It looks a bit like a baby bouncer, but on a post, and it does everything automatically: bouncing, rocking, swinging… you name it. It also makes all kinds of noises, like imitating the vacuum cleaner, or making it sound as though you’re in the car, with the appropriate vibrations too. You put baby in, and your job is done. And you can control it with your smart phone. All that for just 255euro. There ya go…

The automatic pram
This year there is a pram on the market which has an on-board computer. An on-board computer? Yep. Really. You can see how many kilometers you’ve walked, what the temperature it is inside the pram, and probably lots more, but I lost interest. It also has a button which you can press, and the pram the folds itself up. But I don’t know what happens if you press it before taking baby out of the pram…

Ok, time to be a bit serious. There are some products which I am a fan of, and which I plan to buy for my baby (or have already bought). Because these blogs are so well-read, I’m busy organizing a huge prize draw, where you can win some of my favourite products!

Cloth diapers, organic baby products and mother milk jewelery are already on the list, but now I’d like to hear from YOU. What do you think you HAVE to have for a baby, and would be great to give away? Something different than the standard pram, bathtubs etc. Something special, or super handy, or just fun?

Let me know, and hopefully it can become part of the enormous prize draw soon!

PS. Im negotiating for a babwrap and a co-sleeper, but some products are really hard to enter in a give away, unfortunately.