(If you have missed the last blog, you can read it here. We are waiting in Dubai to board the plane).

Liv is so extremely tired that she can’t cry or sleep. It is time to board the plane and I’m not sure what is best: to wait here as long as possible or to board as one of the first. We decided to go for option 1 and when she asks for milk (she will get) for the hundredth time, she fi-nal-ly falls asleep in my arms. I still have to do my best not to cry myself.

When the last person boards the plane, we follow. I’m praying she won’t wake up, because I cannot imagine what will happen then. She is laying in my arms. We are waiting in the jet bridge till we can get into the plane. I’m not sure how much she weighs at the moment, but she feels so heavy this way! I’m hesitating to ask all the people in front of us to go out of our way, but Denny comes to the rescue. He helps me to support Liv with one hand and that works! I’m afraid to give Liv to him, because I am TERRIFIED that she will wake up.

When we are finally sit down in the plane, my arms are shaking. This time we don’t have seats with extra leg space, so the arm rest in between us can go up and Liv can lay out straight on the both of us. Such a relief, not only for her, but also for me. Part of her weight is now on Denny and that’s a lot better! If we are ever flying again before she is two (I doubt it), I will make sure we won’t chose any seats with extra legs space, but just a “normal” seat 😉

Thank God this flight goes well. Liv sleeps throughout the flight (except for one nursing session with her eyes closed) and also Denny and I can get some sleep. We arrive at 22PM local time in Phuket and when we land Liv wakes up and she is really happy. Pfew… 😉

First customs (we can stand in a shorter line with children and even the I-can-never-smile-and-always-look-angry-custom-officers in Thailand cannot spoil my mood), then getting our bags (Denny his bag is the first on the luggage belt, so immediately I’m “afraid” that mine is lost. Which of course is nonsens, so a little later we see mine coming), finding a taxi (we arranged one in advance, so they are ready with our names), all goes well! Liv is really impressed by all the traffic and bustle. She keeps staring out of the window and since there is no child seat she is even more happy (I’m hoping I’ll get her back in a chair once we are back home). We still have to drive one hour to the hotel and when we arrive the most unfriendly Thai EVER is waiting for us! Denny is ready to start a big discussion… It is 0.30AM and Liv really has to go to bed, so instead of having a discussion (or punching him in the face :p ), we go to bed as soon as we can. (After this encounter we haven’t seen him anymore and the rest of the staff is super friendly!).

In the end we are in our beds at 1 AM local time and Liv fell asleep immediately.

Yes! We are here, our holiday can start!


(The only photo made this trip 😉 )