Even Angrier

She confirms what I’m thinking: “I think you’ve already ovulated.” Yes – I told you so! And now? “Oh well, next time we use the ovulation tests again, but then the ones from the hospital.” She can’t be serious?

I ask her: “You think the ovulation tests here will give a different result?” I’m not even sure any more what her answer was, but it basically boiled down to a yes. I am still furious, so I say, “OK, fine. I’m going to buy some now, and will do a test, and then we can compare the result!” She agrees to that, but says she really has to leave now.

Together with my friend I race downstairs – I’m still so angry! Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, and this woman thinks a different ovulation test is going to give a different result?! Once I’ve bought the tests, I go to the toilet, and immediately do a test, and… yep. A big, positive line! According to this test, I’ve not yet ovulated. I go back upstairs, and shove the test under the receptionist’s nose, and ask her to call the doctor.

ovulatietest ziekenhuis

You know what she says?
“Oh, are you pregnant?”
Really?? Seriously?!?
What kind of people do they have working here?

“No, I’m not pregnant. This is an OVULATION test – YOUR ovulation test, even. Please just call the doctor.” She does, but she is told that ‘the doctor’ does not have the time to come here… I do get her briefly on the phone.

You know, I don’t even remember what she said exactly?! I just know that I hear a whole lot of blather, and that it all comes down to the same thing: next time I have to do it all the same way.


I go home, defeated. I don’t think there is any other word for it.

What a huge disappointment.