The photo in Toronto is an eyesore, but will always remember us of our great trip 😉

Dear Liv,

I don’t know how many people always say: time flies! But, really: time flies! The first and the second year went fast, but that was nothing compared to this year. Going from 3 years old to 4 years old, was gone before I knew it! I really love seeing you grow up and develop, but I find it hard to realise it goes so fast, while I want it all to go slower!

If feels like yesterday that we were in Toronto, not even half way our trip around the world. The biggest part of your 3rd year, you were away on the road, 8 out of 12 months. After Canada, we went to New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia and you liked it so much. Nevertheless, if people ask you which country you like best you say: “the Netherlands”. You were really looking forward to go back to your friends. Although you were just 2,5 years old when you left, friends were and still are important to you. Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply to you. On the contrary.

Since we are back in the Netherlands, you often ask when we are going on a (world)trip again, so it seems you like to keep Middelburg as your base, but still love to travel.. Just like your mom and dad 😉 You already realise that you will always miss someone, because when you are here you will miss your friends from the trip and when you are away you’ll miss your friends at home. Sofia, your last friend in Malaysia is someone who you remember well. It made a big impression that she is “stuck” in Malaysia because of the war in Syria and your friendship was “love at first sight”. You ask me regularly ‘when will I see her again’, but unfortunately, I can’t answer this question.

You still understand everything in English (and still watch television in English), but you don’t speak it very well anymore. Recently we hired someone who comes and play with you and only speaks English to you (hopefully you’ll keep it up). In Dutch you can’t say a “r” yet and you can’t pronounce the “tw”. You are very sloppy with a “g” at the beginning of a word which means words starting with a “g” start with a “sl” coming from you. Sometimes you throw in an English word and often you want to say too many things too fast, you forget to breath and people can’t understand you.

Last year I wrote that I thought our breastfeeding journey could be over any moment, but meanwhile you have been “drinking” from a breast that doesn’t have any milk anymore. I know now for sure it can be over any moment. You skip morning nursing moments and when you are “drinking” it’s never very long. If you don’t feel well it doesn’t comfort you any more, so the end is really near. Although that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I’m totally ok. I will really miss it. These moments together are/were always very special!

Last December you almost had pneumonia in Singapore and ever since you have been sick more than the whole first 3 years of your life. It’s going with ups and downs and we are not sure why exactly. It could be because you’ve started pre-school or that you just had bad luck the last couple of months. We hope that’s the case. It also seems like you are allergic for something. Hay fever? Dogs? We hope we’ll find out soon.

We are still glad we chose to send you to pre-school once we got back in the Netherlands. It wasn’t for long, but you are/were in the right spot there. You’ve developed so much the last few months. The teachers keep saying how social you are. You try to make sure everyone is happy. You can’t stand unfairness or if other children tease you, you get so frustrated! You play best with children that are calm(er) and who don’t bend the rules.

You love to negotiate and it’s harder to get something done from you. Even though it’s very annoying to have to negotiate with you at all, I also appreciate it, you are very clever LoL. You love to pick your own clothes and you do this very carefully. Every evening you lay it out perfectly and if it’s not perfect, you just start all over.

My little pony is still your favourite toy to play with and you still really like building with duplo together with dad. Most of the time it’s a castle where your ponies can live. You love playing games and your favourites are Go Fish and Stratego Junior. Your favourite Nextflix series are True, Trolls, My Little Pony and Peppa Pig.

You have a lot of humour and you enjoy fooling around with us, which dad taught you. It’s the first time you’re consciously are waiting for your birthday and you have been asking us for MONTHS how many nights you have to wait untill the big day. I hope the day will be as good as you hope, because it won’t be the first time you wrap your head about something and it doesn’t go as planned. Then we’ll meet the drama queen… and well, you do not want to meet her!

You are still the sweetest and you love to cuddle. Regularly you tell me that you love me, that I’m your best friend, that you want to marry me, that I’m the sweetest in the world etc. Lately you have been saying you want to have a little brother. I’m sure you would be the best big sister in the world! When I tell you mom and dad won’t be able to have another baby, you tell me the baby can grow in your belly and that you’ll give him to me once he comes “out of your hole”. I think you are the sweetest!

My little love, tomorrow you’ll turn 4 years old and I hope the day will bring you everything you dream of

Xxx Mama

P.S. Here is an overview of the last year, with  a photo every month. I only cheated with march, that’s a Iphone photo 🙂