We make a decision

I phone Groningen immediately. I can no longer wait! I am so nervous!! The phone is answered by a very sweet lady receptionist and I tell her my whole story. Apparently nobody has ever come there all the way from Zeeland, and she does understand that it’s not really possible for us to just drive back and forth, especially if we’re going to hear that we don’t even qualify. So I can send her our file, and she’ll discuss it with the doctor. I add an email to the file, asking whether it would be possible to do the scans here, in Zeeland.

Now we have to wait until the doctor gets in touch. It takes a long time.

It takes forever!

Well, that’s how it feels because it takes 4 days for the doctor to get back to me.

The doctor is also very sweet. She explains that the chances of pregnancy with this kind of ICSI are much lower than with ‘normal’ ICSI. I In general, 30% are pregnant after 6 attempts.

It makes no difference to me. I know this is what I want, so the question now is; is it possible?!

The answer is yes, but all the scans have to be done there.
Oh. 🙁

The good news is, that if we really want to do this and we are fit for this program, than they won’t mind my age and I can also start being 35.

That evening I discuss it with Denny. We make a decision. We’re going for it! But because of all the births I have to photograph, we decide wait until the end of September. In October all the births are outside of Zeeland, and I can in theory work from Zwolle. We’ll take both cars so I can leave if necessary.

At the beginning of August we’ll have the intake in Groningen. So exciting!!

I am 1000% behind this idea, and now I just hope it’ll all be possible!