Final Preparations

I don’t want to leave anything to chance, so this week I’ve decided to have a detox week. Well, I’m participating in the detox week of my yoga group. It sounds heavier than it is, but for this week: no sugar, no meat, no snacks, no dairy (cow-based), a green smoothie every day, and I start the day with a hot-cold shower. That last one is hell to me, but it’s part of the process, so I have to do it. It’s not an enormous thing for me really, since I don’t like coffee, don’t drink alcohol, and use virtually no dairy products. It’s just resisting the sweets – that’s my weakness! But it goes well, and soon I’ll get my period, and when we start the ICSI attempt I’ll be SO healthy! Haha.

I also went to see an osteopath today: Frank Zweedijk. I’ve been there before, but I met him some time ago at a festival, and I suddenly thought: maybe he can help me make sure that everything on the inside is also ‘ready’, and he could! I have to be there at 7:45, and that’s a challenge for me. 🙂 He first explains what he’s going to do, but it was very early in the morning, and I probably forgot half of what he told me, so I’ll let him explain what he was able to do for me:

Frank: “To increase the receptivity of Marry’s fertilized egg from an osteopathic point of view, a number of points were important. The uterus is hung up in the pelvis of a woman with various tendons, and needs to be free to move in all directions. Only when the uterus is free to move, and the various tendons are not under tension, will the blood circulation to and from the uterine membrane (where the embryo needs to implant) be optimal. With Marry I found that the right tendon of the uterus was very tense. The tendon between her uterus and sacrum was also ‘too’ tight. This had a negative affect on the blood flow of the pelvic organs, and thus also the receptivity for pregnancy. Last, but not least, Marry’s nervous system needed to be in balance. Research shows that stress through work, or personal circumstance, whether current or in the past, can affect the receptivity for pregnancy. Logical, because a nervous system in fight or flight mode has priorities which have nothing to do with reproduction. In Marry I found a zone around her midriff where there was restlessness, and possibly repressed emotions. Through two treatments we removed the blockages mentioned, and her nervous system was ‘reset’. We hope that Marry, just like the other women that we have successfully treated in our centre, will fall pregnant quickly. She will be a fantastic mother. We’re holding thumbs for you, Marry!”

What he did in my belly, I can definitely feel. It’s comparable to the ovulation pain I experience. But, there’s now a space for a baby. 🙂

Now I just need to get my period! (the first time ever that I’m looking forward to it!)

PS. Don’t tell anyone, but once again I’m thinking: “how cool would it be if I now get pregnant naturally, just before I start ICSI?” It would be a lovely story, wouldn’t it? I never learn… I keep hoping…