Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

On Frank Zweedijk’s advice (the osteopath), I also go to a dietician, who is not only specialized in food, but also in acupuncture. I’m thinking: if it doesn’t help, it won’t do any harm either. I’ve heard good things about acupuncture in combination with IVF (something like a 25% higher chance of success). I hear that I am eating well, so that’s already great. 😉 I’ve also taken my vitamin pills with me (it took me a long time to find pills without any undesirable additives) and they meet with approval. Luckily! The only thing I’m missing is fish oil. He tells me that folic acid (or folate) helps with a better nervous system, but due to this, the brain also develops better, and needs more support to create good connections, and that’s where fish oil helps. It sounds plausible, so I’ll buy it. After the conversation, I have acupuncture for the first time. 5 needles in my body. I don’t know what I think of it. Nothing really. 🙂 But it feels good to know I’ve done everything I can!

The last week before we go to Groningen arrives. Now I know it for sure, because I just got my period. Although I secretly was hoping to be pregnant, I’m not sad. “Let the games begin!” I call Groningen to make an appointment, and I can be there on day 8 for the first scan. Usually that would take place on day 9 or 10, but since my cycle is usually quite short, day 8 is better. Only, we haven’t had the instructional meeting yet, where you hear about everything that’s going to happen, and how to inject hormones etc, and that meeting can’t happen on a Saturday. They want us to come up on Friday, but I have no idea how to arrange that with my work. Luckily, after some discussion, they agree to let us come in on Monday. That does mean I’ll have to inject hormones without having had instructions, but since I learned about injecting during my midwife training, I should be fine. We do need to wait with all our other questions, for that meeting. No problem – saves us a drive from Middelburg to Groningen and back.

The day before we leave I go past Frank Zweedwijk (the osteopath) one more time. He checks me over completely, and when he’s done he says: “You’re healthy, your belly feels good, your body is, in my opinion, completely ready for a baby.” Yes! That’s how I feel too. 🙂

The only thing I’m a little worried about is that I already – on day 7 – have ovulation pain. My faith that we’re “going to do this on one go” is now less, because I’m very scared that we’ll miss ovulation. I talk to Denny about it, and he says: “you can’t do anything about it, so don’t think about it, and we’ll see tomorrow.” Typical man “don’t think about it”! Haha! He is right though…

We pack all our things (what a lot of junk you have to take with you, when you’re going to live and work somewhere else for a week!), and we leave for Zwolle on Friday evening, so that we can leave on time on Saturday morning, and be in Groningen at 8:40.

It’s starting now, for REAL. Who knows – maybe next week I’ll have a baby in my belly!

Waaaaaaaaaahhhaaa! How exciting!!

Ps. Curious about my vitaminpills? I have these.

Ps. 2 Want to know more about acupuncture, watch this BBC documentary.