The first scan

When we arrived in Zwolle last night at 22:15, we realized when unpacking the car, that we left my suitcase with EVERYTHING in it in Middelburg. OMG 🙁 We came with 2 cars, so that I can still go and photograph births (if it fits in the scan schedule). So we have my iMac, some kitchen stuff for cooking, my photography equipment, Denny’s clothes etc, and we forgot my suitcase entirely! I’m so upset – it’s so stupid! We’ll probably drive back and forth this afternoon, but it’s a 5 hour round trip, which makes neither of us happy.

But first it’s time for the first scan – in the same clothes I was wearing yesterday. I still have ovulation pain, so I’m curious. This is very early in my cycle, which never happens. I am not happy about it, because I don’t think it’s a good thing. We’re in the car at 7:15 – yaaaawn!

The UMCG (the hospital) is deserted when we arrive. Just a few couples walking around, probably all coming from the same department we’re heading towards now. I’m so nervous that I first have to go to the bathroom – haha! In the waiting room there is one other couple, but soon more people come in. Things are running reasonably on time, and at 8:50 we can go in. It’s the same doctor as at the intake, and she is once again very friendly. From the moment I step into the room, I’m no longer nervous.

Scan time!

Here it is, my follicle:

58 blog

For those who know these things – it’s already quite large, so the ovulation pain I’ve been having makes sense. It has to be at least 14mm, and at 18mm they do the extraction. The doctor doesn’t look worried, but I do have to start the hormones immediately. Now, it’s called ICSI-on-own-cycle, but you do have to use a minimum amount of hormones. They’re ready for me.

Come on – let’s do this!