The hormones

With a parcel filled with all the medication and hormones we need, we go back to the waiting room. Because the drive “home” (to my mother-in-law in Zwolle) will take us an hour, the doctor has said we need to inject the hormones here. It’s very quiet in the waiting room, even though there are quite a few people there. I’m a bit uncomfortable that we have to figure all this out sitting here, but it’s better than in the toilet!

We open the parcel. I have to inject two things: Gonal F and Cetrotide. The first one is to make sure the egg gets big enough, and the second is to slow down ovulation. The instructions for both are lengthy, and we read all of it together before starting. Then we go to step 1, and Denny reads aloud what I have to do. I’m so glad I’ve learned to inject, because I can see how people would find it very scary to inject themselves (and you have to inject the needle completely). With everyone sitting there, we do the first injections, and I think we’re pretty cool! Hahaha

To be honest – I find it to be a piece of cake. I’m more worried about side effects than the injecting. Now I just hope it works, because I’m wondering whether ovulation won’t already happen later today.

Luckily I can come back tomorrow.

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PS. Instead of driving back to Middelburg for my suitcase, we decided to just buy everything here. So I can go shopping to buy enough clothes for a week. Definitely not a hardship! Even if we don’t get a baby after this, I do have a new wardrobe! 😉